Fortnite Chapter 5 Has Wiped The Smile Off Of Everyone’s Faces

Fortnite’s big Chapter 5 update has strangely made a lot of its characters look a lot angrier, as it’s removed smiling faces for anyone with default animations.



Last week was one of the biggest for Fortnite fans that there’s ever been thanks to the announcement of three brand-new “experiences”, a map-resetting Big Bang event, and the start of the long-awaited Chapter 5, which changes up a lot of gameplay mechanics (not always for the better). Oh, and Peter Griffin finally joined The Island after years of teasing.


Fortnite Adding Peter Griffin Is The Beginning Of The End

Epic Games has made it clear that absolutely nothing is off the table.

Although the introduction of everyone’s favourite Family Guy might have most players celebrating, it seems that the characters who are actually stuck in The Loop might not be so happy about the Chapter reset. As pointed out by Twitter user ToyConGarageVR, all of the characters who have default animations (which make up a significant number of original Fortnite characters) have had the smiles removed from their faces and now bleakly stare at the camera.

Some of the examples that ToyConGarageVR pointed out include Jonesy and Fishstick, two characters who have always been shown smiling for as long as they’ve been in Fortnite. As pictured above, they now just look totally done with life and like Fortnite just isn’t very much fun to them anymore.

The change doesn’t appear to have affected any newer characters with custom animations, as they can still be seen smiling away. Never change, Gumby.

It’s not quite clear if this is a purposeful change that’s been done or if it’s an animation mistake of sorts. Some players think that it’s an intended change, as the main story beat of Chapter 5 is that Peely, one of the game’s most beloved characters, has been kidnapped by an unknown enemy. They’re hardly going to be smiling if that’s happened, right?

That’s backed up by the Chapter 5 launch trailer, which shows a very angry looking Jonesy, instead of the happy one we all know and love. Fortnite fans have also pointed out that every other iteration of Peely now has an angry face instead of the smile, which definitely seems purposeful for that character.

On the other hand, it’s possible that it’s an animation error of sorts, as Chapter 5 has completely reworked a lot of the game’s movement animations. That could have somehow impacted how the default models look when being viewed in the locker. It’s also worth noting that it’s only hit skins with default animations, which again makes it seem like a mistake of some sort instead of a purposeful choice. That, or it’s just meant to be Peely’s OG friends who aren’t happy with him being missing.

Either way, Fortnite just got a whole lot more scowly.


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