PS5 Pulse Explore Earbuds Pop Back Up On Best Buy For Release Day

Three years on from the launch of the PS5, PlayStation has been celebrating – and tempting us during the holiday season – by releasing a smattering of new accessories, all of which continue to be incredibly popular and hard to find. The PlayStation Portal is sold out everywhere, and the same can be said for the Pulse Explore Earbuds. There’s a glimmer of hope for anyone trying to find them on their release day though as stock has been popping up at Best Buy.



The Pulse Explore Earbuds are PlayStation’s first set of earbuds, revealed alongside the Pulse Elite Headset which is available for pre-order but won’t be released until 2024. Despite a pretty lofty price tag – it’ll cost you $200 if you want a pair – the Earbuds have proved very popular. Selling out everywhere they were made available long before release day, now that date has finally come, there appears to be stock available, most notable at Best Buy, but you’ll need to be quick and vigilant if you’re hoping to find some.

PlayStation Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds

PlayStation Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds

PlayStation’s first set of earbuds are the Pulse Explore Wireless earbuds. Coming with a carry case and equipped with AI-enhanced noise rejection technology, the earbuds are also equipped with mics so you can communicate with other people while playing online.

You do get a lot of tech in what are very small earbuds for that price. Each of the earbuds has a microphone for communicating with other players online, up to five hours of battery life, and then an additional ten when charged in the case they come with, and they’re ready to be instantly paired with the PlayStation Portal if you’re one of the lucky few who has managed to get your hands on one.

The earbuds were briefly in stock at Best Buy but, like a lot of in-demand products when released, have been dropping in and out of availability since the product’s release day hit. There’s every chance you’re reading this too late, but regardless of when you find this article, I’d recommend you keep trying the link above. You never know when a retailer might get more stock, especially now the pre-order period has finished.

Even though other retailers don’t appear to have restocked the earbuds for release day, it’s worth checking in and hitting refresh every now and again if you really want some. A lot of online stores add in-demand stock in batches which means they might only be out of stock for a little while.

The one PS5 product that does appear to be readily available right now is the PS5 itself. More specifically the newer, slimmer model that launched last month. It seems after the chaos that was trying to find a regular PS5 for its first two years, everyone who wants one now has one, and fewer people than PlayStation expected want to upgrade to a smaller model. If you’re still looking for a current-gen console and you don’t care what it is, the Xbox Series X, bundled with a game, is currently available for just $349.


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