Gamers Think Lucia’s Ankle Monitor In GTA 6 Will Limit Early Game Map

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted something in GTA 6’s key art – Lucia is wearing an ankle monitor. From the trailer, we know she’ll spend some time in prison before getting released, so it makes sense. But theories are already swirling around how it’ll tie into gameplay, like restricting the map early on.



“You won’t be able to explore the map right away,” RudraRosseau posted to the game’s subreddit, sharing their theory. “We have seen in earlier GTA and Red Dead Redemption [games] that Rockstar chooses parts of the map to be forbidden in the beginning, resulting in five police stars. GTA 5 was an exception, though. I think this time will again have a map limitation. Why? Because Lucia is wearing a police ankle tag.”

Previous GTA games limited the early map by closing off bridges or via police blockades.

It wouldn’t be the first time Rockstar used getting out of prison as an excuse to restrict the map at the start of a GTA game. San Andreas opens with CJ just as he’s freed, with warnings from police not to leave the city. There are also damaged roads thanks to a recent earthquake, just for good measure. An ankle monitor explains how the cops would know you’ve broken parole, rather than having superhuman senses.

When Will GTA 6’s Map Open Up?

Since we see Lucia and Jason on a crime spree in the trailer, with clear inspiration taken from Bonnie & Clyde and Natural Born Killers, some fans speculate that the rampage will start with them breaking her ankle monitor.

Others believe that the ankle monitor will simply be taken off by the police at some point and we’ll switch to Jason to explore more of the map at first.

As for Jason’s role in the story, there are a few theories out there. The most popular one is that he’s an undercover cop, but others have suggested that he may be Lucia’s parole officer. Either way, fans are looking forward to stabbing him in the back.

We only have 90 seconds of footage to go off of right now and not a lot of story details, so it’s hard to say where the cards will fall. But an ankle monitor on key art is enough to send GTA fans into a speculation frenzy.


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