Shulk Amiibo Will Be Reprinted And Re-Released Alongside Noah And Mio Figures

2023 might be the final year before we find out what Nintendo has cooking for its post-Switch era, but for the time being at least, we’ve still got more amiibos to come. No word yet on whether amiibos will be a factor after the Switch, but a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 two-pack will kick off 2024 in style, giving you the chance to add Mio and Noah to your collection. Even better news for those with a Shulk-shaped hole on your amiibo shelf, the other Xenoblade character with a figure is having their amiibo reprinted ready for a 2024 re-release.



Spotted by Wario64, pre-orders for Shulk’s amiibo have popped back up unexpectedly at Target, seemingly ahead of a reprint for the figure. The site lists Shulk’s amiibo as re-releasing on January 19, 2024, so the same day the Noah and Mio two-pack will be released. Clearly an attempt to capitalize on Xenoblade fans picking up the new figures in the hope that some of them missed out on the chance to buy Shulk the first time around.

Even though Shulk reprint pre-orders are currently only available at Target, hopefully listings will start to pop up elsewhere now a reprint has been confirmed.

There’s a key difference between the Shulk and Noah and Mio amiibos, and it’s the reason why the former got their figure so much sooner than the other two. Shulk’s is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo since the character made it onto the roster, whereas Noah and Mio have had to wait for Nintendo to decide they were popular enough to get their own figures. Clearly that was a wise decision to make as with more than a month still to go, pre-orders for Noah and Mio are sold out pretty much everywhere.

The reprint of Shulk’s amiibo highlights what may well be the biggest problem with amiibos. Availability, or a lack of it. Nintendo rarely gives any indication of just how available new amiibos will be. Some might sell out and never return, while others will be lucky enough to get a restock or two. Worst of all, there doesn’t seem to be any discernable pattern. Suffice to say, if there’s an amiibo you like and you see it in stock for a reasonable price, you might want to buy it before it’s too late.

Noah and Mio’s amiibos will keep a busy period for the Switch collectibles rolling to kick off 2024. Zelda and Ganondorf’s Tears of the Kingdom amiibos are now out there if you can find them in stock, as are Big Man, Shiver, and Frye from Splatoon 3. The final Switch amiibo – for now at least – will be Sora. Confirmed to arrive in 2024, Sora is the only Smash Ultimate character left without an amiibo.


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