Netflix Shows And Movies That Deserve Games

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services in the world, with a plethora of exclusive content and properties. Some of those properties have since been adapted into video games.




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However, as Netflix continues to push into the video game market, many of its games thus far have been mobile focused. It has plenty of smaller, indie games on offer too. But there are a lot of properties that could become big budget, triple-A style video games if Netflix wanted to go in that direction.

9 Narcos

Pablo Escobar as seen in Narcos

Narcos is a drama/thriller show about the real-life drug trade taking place during the ’80s and ’90s, across Colombia and then into Mexico. Action-packed and thrilling, it features a variety of colorful, real-life-inspired characters.

A Narcos video game already exists. But it’s not the Narcos video game we all want and deserve. A Narcos video game in the vein of Mafia, or Just Cause would be ideal. An open world, where you can take down the drug cartel in your own time and way, with a variety of weapons and vehicles, would make for a great Narcos game. Of course, it would need a good, well written, historically-based story too.


The cast of Netflix's GLOW

GLOW, the Glorious Ladies of Wrestling is a historical comedy/drama show inspired by real events and people. It focuses on an all-female wrestling promotion in the ’80s as they rise to prominence and change the world of wrestling forever. Sadly, the show was canceled before it could finish its story.


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A GLOW video game could serve as a continuation of the TV show. It could be a wrestling game, or an action game, where you take on the roles of the women in the show, compete in the ring and then become champions.

7 Kingdom

a poster for the Netflix show, Kingdom, featuring the cast of the show

Kingdom is a Korean horror-zombie show with a twist — it’s set during the Joseon period. It’s a mix of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, with political shenanigans, horrific gore, and action, and more.

A big video game based on the show and its spin-off movie would have to be open world like Ghost of Tsushima, but with zombies, like Days Gone and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. Due to its period setting, guns would be severely limited; instead, swords and archery would be used as weapons.

6 Bright

a banner for the Netflix movie Bright, featuring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton

Bright is a fantasy film in which fantastical creatures like orcs, elves, and fairies live in a grounded, gritty, real world. It stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, and is an action/thriller in which the lead characters get their hands on a magic wand, capable of mass destruction.

A Bright video game would have to adapt the world first, then fill it with both the grounded, gritty real-world characters and the fantastical ones too. An RPG set in that world, where you have to choose between factions, determine the fate of people, and combat enemies, could make for a good time.

5 Shadow And Bone

a poster for the Netflix show, Shadow and Bone

Based on a fantasy book series, Shadow and Bone is set in a fictional world that’s very reminiscent of Eastern Europe and Russia. It features factions divided by a mysterious, dangerous veil in a long-running war.


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A big budget Shadow and Bone game could take on many forms. A multiplayer game akin to The Division could be interesting; selecting a faction, battling it out with friends, with guns and magic alike. Meanwhile, monstrous creatures could add diversity and intensity to the battles.

4 Blue Eye Samurai

a banner for the Netflix show, Blue Eye Samurai, featuring the main character looking over a vista

Blue Eye Samurai is an animated show about a blue-eyed woman living in Japan during the Edo period. A period in which no non-Japanese people could visit the country. It’s an action-packed revenge-driven show for adults only.

Blue Eye Samurai has a lot of video game inspiration in it, particularly in its structure. It would therefore make for a great action game, linear or open world. Something like Sifu would make for a good, big budget game based on the show, or something even grander like Ghost of Tsushima would be good inspiration.

3 Army Of The Dead

the cast of Netflix's Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead is a Zack Snyder action-horror movie. In it, a team of thieves and mercenaries infiltrate a zombie-riddled Las Vegas, to steal the contents of a casino vault.


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A big budget Army of the Dead game could take inspiration from Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Days Gone, and a plethora of zombie featuring games. It probably wouldn’t be the most original thing ever, but it could be fun. Whether it’s a single player experience, or a multiplayer one.

2 Stranger Things

The younger cast of Stranger Things

Stranger Things, inspired by movies and pop culture of the ’80s, is one of Netflix’s biggest properties, and it already has video game adaptations.

Those video games manage to capture the vibe of the show, and the classic style gameplay of the era too. But a big budget game would be better. A narrative-driven game like those made by Telltale or Supermassive Games, in the style of Life is Strange or Until Dawn, could make for a great Stranger Things game.

1 Squid Game

The main characters of Squid Game

Squid Game is a Korean show in which desperate contestants enter a game show like environment akin to Big Brother and Takeshi’s Castle, only the stakes are far more deadly and dangerous than those shows. It’s about survival, and the winner takes home a lot of money.

A Squid Game video game akin to Fall Guys, with a bit more action and gore would be the best way to go. The game would have to take on battle royale inspiration, and it would be gameplay heavy as opposed to narrative or character driven. But it could work out to be good fun.


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