Kill The Justice League Leaker Reveals Deathstroke DLC

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will put us into the blood-soaked shoes of four iconic DC villains (does King Shark wear shoes?), but according to dataminer and leaker Miller Ross, even more gun-toting baddies are underway.



On December 3, Ross tweeted a string of emojis including the green water pistol, 🔫, hinting at future DLC characters. For the past three days, fans have been speculating on what it could mean, with some even throwing Red Hood out as a possible option. As it turns out, he meant Deathstroke.

Deathstroke first appeared in Arkham Origins as a fan-favourite boss fight, attempting to kill Batman only to be interrupted by ‘Deadshot’. Between then and Origins, he was recruited to the Suicide Squad. However, he escaped, later resurfacing in Knight as one of the main three villains.

Ross shared a picture of Deathstroke’s design in the new Suicide Squad game as an apology for the confusion caused by the water pistol emoji. It’s exactly what you’d expect – the striking blue-and-orange 50:50 face mask and armoured suit. Essentially, it’s a brightened-up and more comic-y version of his look in Origins and Knight.

One commenter asked if, like with Marvel’s Avengers, DLC characters will get any story to go with them. Ross claims, “I don’t know what scale this narrative content is, but as far as I can tell, yes, it is there.”

Maybe we’ll find out what Deathstroke got up to after tormenting Batman and terrorising Gotham with the Arkham Knight’s militia.


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It’s not the first character Ross has revealed – they also leaked Killer Croc last week. Like Deathstroke, they have a history in the Arkham series. His last appearance in Knight saw him escaping his cell and crashing the flying mobile prison, Iron Heights Penitentiary. What he’s been up to since Scarecrow’s attack isn’t known, but a lot has changed in the Arkham world.

There are still a few emojis Ross has yet to clarify – a clown, frozen face, scales, and Japanese flag. One commenter guessed Joker, Killer Frost, Peacemaker, Deathstroke, Killer Kroc, and Katana, to which Ross replied, “4/6”. How Joker would resurface isn’t clear, given that he’s… dead, but perhaps a new Clown Prince has risen in his place.


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