New Details From GTA 6’s Reveal Trailer You Might Have Missed

After numerous leaks, speculations, and some loss of hope along the way, the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer has officially been released by developer Rockstar Games, and the game is slated for a 2025 release date. While most didn’t know what to expect, the length and content ended up being similar to the studio’s past reveal trailers, especially GTA 5’s trailer and Red Dead Redemption 2.




GTA 6’s First Trailer Revealed, Launches In 2025

Following a huge leak, Rockstar has uploaded the full trailer for GTA 6, which will be launching in 2025.

Like in the GTA 5 trailer, the more in-depth story details and missions are kept under wraps, and only the core protagonists are revealed. However, this one and a half minute trailer has already shown enough detail about other aspects of GTA 6, served with a side of some funny real-life nods in a parody montage.

11 A Protagonist Couple And Possible Co-Op

The trailer opens with a female inmate named Lucia, who seems to have lived a life of crime with her boyfriend or husband, like a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, which landed her in prison. You see the couple on the run in a car chase sequence, together in a motel room, and robbing a liquor store wearing bandanas like it’s Red Dead 2.

GTA 5 had three protagonists, Trevor, Franklin, and Michael, who you could switch between through your cell phone. GTA 6 seems to focus on a female protagonist and her partner in crime and in life, which could mean a co-op gameplay experience for story mode somewhat similar to another stellar video game love story called It Takes Two.

10 Modern Vice City Setting With The Ocean View Hotel Still Standing

It’s long been rumored that Rockstar’s next entry in the GTA universe would take you back to Vice City, and the trailer confirms this in pretty obvious ways, including a little Easter egg from the original Vice City game.


GTA 6 Trailer Confirms It’s Set In Vice City

GTA 6 is taking us back to Vice City, but Florida doesn’t exist.

There’s a shot of the first half of the Vice City sign amid the glare of a sunrise, and then there’s a busy street in Vice City filled with cars and pedestrians. If you look closely in the distance, there’s a pink neon sign for the Ocean View Hotel, the ‘Ocean View’ obscured by palm trees. This was, of course, Tommy’s first safehouse location in the 2002 game.

9 Air, Sea, And Land Vehicle Showcase

Airplanes, boats, cars, helicopters, bikes, trucks, and just about any other vehicles you can think of are GTA’s bread and butter. The trailer shows off jet skis, a boat race, and a seaplane going over the ocean in an area that resembles the Seven Mile Bridge leading to the Florida Keys.

There are also many shots of different types of cars throughout the trailer, from exotic and luxury sports cars to dirt bikes, ATVs, monster trucks, and Lucia’s orange Mustang-type getaway vehicle. You’ll most likely get to try out all these toys in the new GTA open world.

8 Leonida Map Details And Hamlet And Everglades Regions

GTA 6’s map is promised to be significantly huge, even bigger than Los Santos in GTA 5. An exterior evening shot already gives a tease as to the massive scale of the skyline of Vice City and all the landmarks and islands beyond.

Then you have an Everglades swamp region, introduced by a shot of someone riding on an airboat and a flock of flamingoes flying over the swamp. There’s also a reveal of another region in Leonida known as Hamlet, which seems to have a lot of unfriendly Karens on ‘neighborhood watch’ duty. The hammer-wielding one in the trailer is a direct reference to a real LA Karen who smashed her neighbor’s car.

Perhaps one of the more interesting sequences in the trailer is the first-person view of security cameras and police body cam footage. You see a giant alligator enter what appears to be a gas station convenience store from a camera and an officer’s body cam recording a group of police swarming an apartment unit and potential crime den.


The Swamp Is The Best Bit Of GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 might be back inn Vice City, but to make the map even bigger, the marsh of the Everglades will play a huge role

These images instantly call to mind hacking camera systems in Watch Dogs. While mechanics like in the GTA clone Watch Dogs could be implemented here, this could be teasing a first-person mode, which GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 have. But it’s also probably showing the evolution of the police and wanted system, with cameras there to catch you committing criminal acts.

6 Crowds And Nightlife

The GTA 6 trailer gave an intricate glimpse into crowd density, particularly in the nightlife aspect of the game. The opening shot of the crowded beach looks like a scene out of real life, graphically and animations-wise. You have a couple running with a small dog, women on beach towels sunbathing, an NPC applying sunscreen to his girlfriend, and people partying along the shoreline.

Then, you have a shot of a DJ catering beats to crowds at what could be the interior of Vice City’s Malibu Club. On top of the nightclub, there’s also a packed strip club with bottle service and some realistic twerking animations there as well. A top-down view of a street race meetup is also shown, which means it’ll likely be a returning component from GTA 5.

5 Car Customs Shops And Criminal Factions

It wouldn’t be a GTA game without getting your car to a shop for a custom paint job and new rims or getting acquainted with other criminal organizations. The reveal trailer manages to show these bits of details off too in its brief 90-second montage.

There’s a lineup of custom cars heading into a graffiti art-decorated body shop, which here may be called ‘Ride Out Customs,’ as this name later appears on a sticker of a green custom-wrapped truck. The Everglades region is likely the home of the Thrill Billy Mud Club group, which seems to be a wild group of daredevils with monster trucks and patriotic MAGA-like sentiment.

GTA 5 had websites that you could access through your phone and contacts you could call, but it’s now confirmed that an addition to your cellphone use in GTA 6 will be some sort of social media app with live streaming, story posting, and account following features much similar to Instagram and Facebook.


Gamers Are Already Complaining That GTA 6 Is “Woke”

GTA 6 has finally been revealed, but gamers are already swearing it off as too “woke”.

A majority of the trailer cuts together various social media posts, including a live-streamed clip of what seems to be two female artists sharing their new songs and receiving plenty of comments and hearts from the chat. Then you also have a streaking man running away from a cop at a gas station, the Karen on the loose in Hamlet, and a senior living life up on a yacht.

3 Familiar Beer Brands

Eagle-eyed longtime fans of the GTA series will immediately notice all the beer brands scattered throughout the trailer. The scenic opening shot of the highway and surrounding trees and buildings also hides a delivery truck carrying Patriot Beer, which was the preferred brand of The Lost M.C. in GTA 4.

Toward the end of the trailer, Lucia and Jason are shown walking down a beer aisle in the liquor mart they’re robbing. You can see a sign for Pißwasser advertising a ‘$14.99’ price and stacks of Logger Beer that’s been around since GTA: San Andreas and possibly red cases of Cerveza Barracho.

2 Weazel News And High Rollerz Mag

Media outlets make their return in the new GTA trailer, and GTA 6 is confirmed to keep Weazel News around for a little while longer as your reliable deadpan news network. There’s also High Rollerz Magazine shining a spotlight on extravagant lifestyles, like an unnamed blinged-out NPC who may be important for street racing.

Weazel News has often been used by Rockstar in promotional materials and trailers for GTA titles, such as Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, and you can hear their news stories on car radios and visit their Los Santos HQ in GTA 5. So it’s no surprise you’re seeing their banner reporting on dirt bikers and dine-and-dashers causing trouble with the law.

1 A Lot Of Wild Florida Parodying

If you’re a Floridian, seeing these meme parody social media posts of real Florida moments probably made your day. The most obvious ones include an animal control guy having to pull a gator out of someone’s pool and the tatted-up purple-haired convict on the Mega Noticias News headline being a spoof of the actual Florida Joker, Lawrence Sullivan, who’s had multiple arrests.

The woman in the tiger bikini and blue sunglasses twerking on the hood of a red car while a friend pokes their head out of the back seat is a throwback to the 2017 video of a woman doing a similar act in real life during Spring Break on a Miami freeway. The man in the US flag cap and liberty snake tattoo grabbing his privates in the middle of traffic is pretty much Florida Man activity.


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