How Often Does Ada Wong Appear In The Resident Evil Games

The Resident Evil series contains plenty of iconic characters, from Leon Kennedy to Jill Valentine. Yet, it isn’t just the main names that are incredibly popular. Ada Wong is beloved, too, despite not technically being one of the main characters. While she has been playable at times, she has typically played a supporting role since her debut in Resident Evil 2.




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Regardless of whether she’s playable or not, though, her personality mostly remains the same. She is a compelling, morally grey super spy that you can’t always trust. This is how many appearances she’s made throughout the Resident Evil series.

Ada Wong Appears In 10 Resident Evil Games

Ada Wong Wearing a Red Sweater from Resident Evil 4 (2023)

The stylish spy is most known for her roles in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4, plus the remakes of those games. However, she has actually been in 10 RE games.

This number does not count cameos in other series or mobile titles. This is strictly the main releases and some major spin-offs.

That being said, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis still doesn’t count because even though it’s a main entry in the series, she doesn’t technically appear in it. She features in an epilogue file, which isn’t enough to count toward the number.

Her inclusion in Resident Evil Re:Verse does count, though, despite being a multiplayer title.

Ada Wong Makes 22 Sudden Appearances In The Resident Evil Series

Resident Evil 2 Screenshot Of Ada and Leon Pointing Guns At One Another

Ada is most famous for making sudden appearances during cutscenes, typically to save Leon. This is referring to times she has arrived in a scene unannounced. For example, in Resident Evil 4, she turns up out of the blue to fire a barrage of TMP bullets at Saddler to assist Leon and Ashley.

In total, she makes 22 of these spontaneous arrivals throughout the series.

This number is based on the video games she features in, including remakes. Yet, she doesn’t actually make one of these appearances in all of her games. For instance, she doesn’t make this sort of entrance in The Umbrella Chronicles.

The first time she does it is in the original Resident Evil 2 when she meets Leon in the Racoon City Police Department’s parking lot.

She does it most often in the original Resident Evil 4. This probably doesn’t come as much surprise to anyone who has played the game, as she is continually making grand entrances in that title. In fact, she does six sudden ones in that game, and most of them are to rescue Leon.


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