What’s The Difference Between Safer Seas And High Seas In Sea Of Thieves?

Rare’s aargh-mazing pirate multiplayer game Sea of Thieves is setting sails for safer shores with the Safer Seas mode, which will allow players to enjoy the game without the threat of other pirates invading their space, sinking their ship, and making off with their hard-earned loot.




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With the arrival of Safer Seas on December 7, 2023, the regular mode players were accustomed to previously is now known as High Seas. There are extra differences between the two modes, so we’ve broken down everything you need to know about the different modes and restrictions right here.

What’s The Difference Between High Seas And Safer Seas?

Sea of Thieves Safer Seas logo.

Safer Seas offers a mode where players can enjoy the game on a single crew server. This means they won’t fall victim to other marauding players, though they’ll still be threatened by NPCs, such as Skeleton Ships, Ghost Ships, Megalodons, and more.

Safer Seas allows players to enjoy the narrative and Tall Tales available in the game, as well as general gameplay, without being disturbed by others. However, there are some limitations in terms of available content.

High Seas is the other mode, which is essentially Sea of Thieves as we’ve always known it, where other players and crews are adventuring on the same server in a shared world.

Available Content

High Seas

Safer Seas

Same Pirate Character

Open Crew

Co-Op With A Crew Of Friends

Gold Earned



Prices of Items



Reputation Earned



Athena’s Fortune Reputation Earned

Reaper’s Bones Reputation Earned

Guardians of Fortune Allegiance Earned

Servants of the Flame Allegiance Earned

Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance and Hunter’s Call Level Cap

Reputation Level 40 Cap.

Letters of Recommendation

Doubloons Earned



There are fewer ways to earn Doubloons, though.

Ancient Coins Earned



Ancient Skeletons

Seasonal Renown



Though some Trials are unavailable.

Live Events


Cosmetic Shops/Outpost Shops/Guardians of Fortune/Servants of the Flame Shops

Gold Hoarders/Order of Souls/Merchant Alliance/Hunter’s Call Company Shops

Cannot purchase Emissary Flags, Promotions, or Company Items after Reputation Level 40.

Athena’s Fortune/Reaper’s Bones Company Shops


Certain Treasures are unavailable.

Pirate Legend

Maps And Buried Treasure

You can still bury maps and create maps, but you cannot post maps to the Quest Board.


Not all Voyages are available in Safer Seas. For example, Safer Seas, Athena’s Fortune Voyages, Skull Stash Voyages, and Gilded Voyages are unavailable.

Tall Tales

Hourglass Faction Battles

Unavailable, as you cannot pledge allegiance to either the Guardians of Fortune or Servants of the Flame.

Faction Hideouts

Available if you have unlocked them in High Seas.

Emissary Play

Captained Ships

Related features such as Milestones, Saving your Ship Cosmetics, Captain’s Voyages, and exchanging treasure at the Sovereigns are not available either.

Guild Ships

World Event



Skeleton Ships

Ghost Ships

Skeleton Forts

Ashen Lords

Sea Forts

Sunken Kingdom Treasuries And Shrines

Fort of Fortune

Reaper’s Chests and Reaper’s Bounties

Chest of Fortune


Commendations are more limited due to the unavailability of certain features. We have a more detailed breakdown here.


Certain Achievements are not available in Safer Seas due to the limitation on specific features. We have a more detailed breakdown here.

Seasonal Rewards And Plunder Pass

Seasonal progress is shared across both High Seas and Safer Seas, with Renown being earned exactly the same in either mode.

There are some Trials that are unavailable in Safer Seas.

Treasure Restrictions In Safer Seas

The following Treasures are unavailable in Safer Seas:

  • Any Athena’s Fortune Treasures
  • Chest of Fortune
  • Generous Gift
  • Humble Gift
  • Rag and Bone Crate
  • Reaper’s Bounty
  • Reaper’s Chest
  • Ritual Skull
  • Skull of Destiny
  • Any Tomes

Commendation Restrictions In Safer Seas

When it comes to Athena’s Fortune Commendations, only the following is available:

Legendary Hunter of the Shrouded Ghost

Defeat The Shrouded Ghost in a chance encounter five times as a Pirate Legend.

When it comes to Guardians of Fortune Commendations, only the following is available:

Blessing of Athena’s Fortune

Take part in the Blessing of Athena’s Fortune ceremony.

When it comes to Servants of the Flame Commendations, only the following is available:

Ritual of the Flame

Take part in the Ritual of the Flame.

When it comes to Mercenary Voyages Commendations, only the following is available:

Sketchy Stranger

Find all of the sketches made by Stitcher Jim’s beloved.

There are no Reaper’s Bones, Fort of the Damned Commendations, Sea Forts, or Chests of Fortune in Safer Seas.

The following Commendations are not available in Safer Seas:

Achievement Restrictions In Safer Seas

The following Achievements are unavailable in Safer Seas.

How To Swap Between High Seas And Safer Seas

Choosing between High Seas and Safer Seas in Sea of Thieves.

When you set sail, you can choose between High Seas and Safer Seas. You cannot swap mode mid-game, and you will have to join or start a new sessions to be able to change between the two.

How Many Players Can You Have In A Safer Seas Crew?

Three pirates stood on the shore in Sea of Thieves.

You can set sail with up to three other players, meaning that Crews are capped at a maximum of four players. This is the same limitation for crews playing in High Seas.

The number of players in your crew will affect which type of ship you have.


2 Players


3 Players


4 Players


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