Higround’s Latest Keyboard Collection Covers Your Keys In Pokemon

Higround has collaborated with a lot of studios to bring iconic shows and characters to your keyboards, Yu-Gi-Oh and Sonic the Hedgehog just two of the famous franchises it has plastered all over its keys in the past. The keyboard company’s latest crossover is its biggest coup so far, though. Revealed earlier this week, Higround will be launching an officially licensed Pokemon collection on December 8, 2023. A collection that will be headlined by some fantastic-looking keyboards.



The core of the collection is four keyboard designs, each of which will feature a different Pokemon first introduced in the Kanto Region. Venasaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Mewtwo are the four Pokemon given the nod for this particular crossover. Higround’s Performance, Summit 65, and Base 65 keyboards will all be available in those four Pokemon designs, although the prices don’t appear to have been revealed yet. The Yu-Gi-Oh keyboards, which range from $145 to $260, are probably a good barometer of how much the Pokemon products will cost.


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Two other keyboards not focused on a single Pokemon will also be available from December 8, but the options you have in terms of models will be a little more limited. One with the color scheme of a regular Pokeball, and another with various different types of Pokeball scattered all over the keys. According to Dexerto, the Pokeball designs will only be available on the Performance and Base 65 models.

If you don’t want to spend what will likely be a significant amount of money on a Pokemon keyboard, Higround has a few, likely cheaper, options coming to its site later this week in the form of mousepads. Six different designs in total, three of which are focused on types, one on Eevee and its evolutions, one covered in Pokeballs like the keyboard, and one dotted with Pikachu, because it wouldn’t be a Pokemon crossover without an appearance from Pikachu.

Everything in the collection will be available to buy through Higround from December 8, so plenty of time to pick up an item or two if you think someone you need to buy holiday gifts for would like anything from it. If you’re still stuck on ideas for what to buy the Pokemon fans in your life with December 25 inching ever closer, we have guides on the very best Pokemon toys, plushes, and even backpacks available right now.


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