How To Complete The Along The Routes Event In Pokemon Go

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  • Pokemon Go Debut: Shiny Hisuian Sneasel

This Pokemon Go event, the Along the Routes Event, is themed around Pokemon Go’s Routes feature, one of the most recent additions to the game’s various features. This event will not only bring new updates and changes to this feature, but will also offer several additional bonuses throughout its duration.




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This event will only be taking place over the course of four days, spanning from Tuesday, December 5, at 10am local time to Friday, December 8, at 8pm local time. Read on to learn everything about this brand-new Pokemon Go event, coming with its own collection of unique features and bonuses.

Pokemon Go Debut: Shiny Hisuian Sneasel

Shiny Hisuian Sneasel from Pokemon with the Pokemon Go battlefield as the background

Although there won’t be any Pokemon making their Pokemon Go debuts with this event, there will be a Pokemon that will have their Shiny variation available for the first time in this game: Hisuian Sneasel.

Throughout this event, you can encounter and obtain Hisuian Sneasel through hatching 7 km Eggs, Timed Research rewards, and Field Research encounters. With this being a relatively rare Pokemon in the game, make sure you are taking advantage of this event, giving you the best opportunity to secure yourself this extremely rare Shiny Pokemon.

Mateo Joins Pokemon Go

Image of Mateo from Pokemon Go next to a gift, with a Pokemon Go Route in the background

The most notable changes and features that are coming with this event pertain to Pokemon Go’s Routes system, a feature that allows you to follow specific paths crafted by other players.

Starting with the introduction of this event, you can expect to encounter Mateo at the conclusion of the Routes that you complete. When you interact with Mateo, you will be able to take advantage of the new Gift exchange feature, allowing you to send and receive a new Gift with another Pokemon Go player.

You will only be able to utilize Mateo’s Gift exchange feature once per day.

In addition to this new feature, the Routes feature will be receiving a second notable update. You will now be able to use Pokemon Go’s new Party Play feature to adventure on Routes with other players in your Party.

Event Bonuses

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There will be four different event bonuses available to all players who log in and play during the Along the Routes Event, all following the Routes theme of this particular event. Each of these four bonuses can be found below.

  • Five times the XP for spinning a PokeStop the first time.
  • Triple the XP for spinning any PokeStop Photo Disc.
  • Twice the Stardust for opening Gifts.
  • Eggs placed in Incubators during this event will have half the hatch distance.


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Wild Encounter Pokemon

Two people walking a Route with Zygarde, Pikachu, Leafeon, and Charizard

You will see a change in the Pokemon commonly found in the wild during the days of this event, replacing them with event-themed Pokemon, some of which are relatively rare and often difficult to come across. The nine event-themed Pokemon that will have increased spawn rates during this event can be found below.

Event Wild Encounter Pokemon










Event Egg Pokemon

Several different Pokemon Go Eggs and Incubators, with the Pokemon Go logo above

There will be six different event-themed Pokemon hatching from 7 km Eggs acquired during the days of the Along the Routes Event. Make sure to collect and hatch as many of these Eggs as possible during the event for a chance to obtain one of the following Pokemon.

The most effective way to acquire 7 km Eggs is by opening different Gifts in Pokemon Go.

Event 7 Km Egg Pokemon

Hisuian Sneasel

Hisuian Growlithe






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Event Research

Professor Willow with Pikachu on his shoulder, with Mew and the Pokemon Go logo on the right

Special Research

There will be a brand-new Special Research Story released with the Along the Routes Event, titled A Route to New Friendships. This Special Research will come at no cost, and will focus on learning more about Mateo and the Gift exchange he offers.

Being a Special Research Story, once it is claimed, it will not expire.

This means that the tasks presented with this Special Research Story will be available to complete even after this event has concluded.

Timed Research

There will be event Timed Research available to all players during this event as well. The tasks for this Timed Research will focus on sending Gifts, rewarding you with different items and encounters with Hisuian Sneasel, Feebas, Wooloo, and Pawmi.

Field Research Task Encounters

There will also be special Field Research Tasks available during this event, obtained by visiting and spinning different Photo Discs at PokeStops. Those that reward you with Pokemon encounters following their completion will present you with an encounter with either Eevee, Hisuian Sneasel, or Wooloo.

Event Pokemon Showcases

Three phone screens side by side, each with a Squirtle entered into a Pokemon Showcase

There will be event Pokemon Showcases hosted throughout this event as well, allowing you to enter either Sneasel or Hisuian Sneasel. Larger Pokemon typically score the most points in Pokemon Showcases, so make sure to hang onto large Sneasel or Hisuian Sneasel to maximize your placement in these competitions.


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