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Ravnica is one of Magic: The Gathering’s most beloved settings. A city spanning an entire planet, its busy streets are ruled by ten guilds, who maintain an unsteady piece. However, for its next set, Murders at Karlov Manor, Wizards is hoping to show us Ravnica in a way we’ve never seen before.




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Focused on its murder-mystery theme, this is the first time we’ve visited Ravnica without it being a guild-centric set. Full of detectives, suspects, murder weapons, and even Scooby-Doo references, here’s everything we learned about Murders at Karlov Manor in its sneak-preview stream. We even got a first look at its Cluedo-themed spinoff, Ravnica: Clue Edition.

The Story Of Murders At Karlov Manor

As mentioned, Murders at Karlov Manor has us pounding the streets of Ravnica, hunting down a serial killer with Ravnica’s greatest detective, Alquist Proft.

Is it just me, or does Alquist Proft look suspiciously like Jace Beleren?

We don’t know too much about what exactly is going on yet, but some of the cards revealed show an impending war between the Boros Legion and the Cult of Rakdos, two of Ravnica’s guilds, after Aurelia of the Boros has an attempt made on her life.

We’ve got a few confirmed returning Ravnica favourites, like Aurelia and Rakdos, but also the Goblin Krenko, the Assassin Etrata, and the leader of the Orzhov, Kaya. Of course, as part of the ongoing Omenpath arc that began in Wilds of Eldraine, we’ll also have an appearance from Kellen, who has shown up in every set since his debut.

Solving mysteries is a big part of Murders at Karlov Manor, and this will be baked in to the set itself. This is something that hasn’t been fully expanded on by Wizards yet, and likely won’t until its proper debut next year, but it will include 13 “Mystery Files”, that will develop each week via the website until the solution is revealed.

The Mechanics Of Murders At Karlov Manor

As this is only a sneak preview to allow retailers to get their stock orders in, we haven’t been shown all the new mechanics coming in Murders at Karlov Manor yet. That being said, there are a couple of interesting things in the cards we’ve been shown.

Of course, investigating is going to be a massive part of it. Making Clue tokens was always going to be a thing in this set, but it looks set to be a much more frequent inclusion than we may have anticipated. Add to that the artifacts and tokens of The Lost Caverns of Ixalan and Wilds of Eldraine, and we’re certainly seeing a running theme for this year of Magic.

There also appears to be somewhat of a ‘Detective-matters’ theme, with cards like Burden of Proof caring about whether a spell is targeting a Detective you control.

Technically, Detectives aren’t a new creature type, having debuted in the Doctor Who Commander decks, but this is the first time we’ve seen cards actually care about Detectives in a mechanical sense, and we’ll definitely be seeing lots of sleuths as the reveals continue.

Art Treatments

This is a Magic: The Gathering set released in 2024, so it’s only natural that is has a huge number of different alternate art treatments to find in both Collector boosters and Play boosters, which make their debut with this set.

The first are the regular Ravnica Showcase frame, which we first saw in March of the Machine. This is being reserved for the leaders of the guilds of Ravnica, with cards like Aurelia, The Law Above and Rakdos, Patron of Chaos getting the treatment. They’ll also get serialised cards, found exclusively in Collector boosters.

The Magnifying Glass frame is the one we’ve seen the least of so far. It appears to be a showcase for instants and sorceries, representing the deductive skills required in being a detective.

Perhaps the most out-there treatment in this set are the Dossier frame cards, highlighting important people in the unfolding case. With the text at jaunty angles and a typewriter-esque font, it’s decidedly more noir than we’re used to from Ravnica, but it’s certainly eyecatching.

Finally, we’re getting another cycle of full-art lands. These show off a birds-eye view of Ravnica in Escher-esque cityscapes, and look just fantastic. These can be found in both types of booster, continuing the trend of every Standard set offering at least one style of full-art land.


Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Decks

For the third set in a row (if you include Doctor Who), we’re getting four preconstructed Commander decks with Murders at Karlov Manor.

The face cards and in-depth mechanical themes haven’t been confirmed, but we do know the decks are:

  • Revenant Recon, a blue/black deck focused in surveiling and reanimating creatures.
  • Blame Game, a white/red deck goad deck.
  • Deep Clue Sea, the green/white/blue deck centered on making Clue tokens and drawing cards.
  • Deadly Disguise, a red/green/white deck that, so far, is the most mysterious of the four. It’s billed as being about “disguising cards”, which could be anything from morphing to mutating.

As with other precons, each deck will include a two-card Collector sample pack, including any card and any treatment found in regular Collector boosters (bar serialised cards).

Ravnica: Clue Edition

Ravnica Clue Edition Box

While it was revealed at the same time as Murders at Karlov Manor, we still know very little about what exactly Ravnica: Clue Edition is.

We know it isn’t a regular Magic: The Gathering product, and we know it isn’t a Ravnica-themed edition of Cluedo. Instead, it seems to be somewhere between the two, putting a “whodunnit twist” on Magic for three to four players. The goal is to investigate the murder of Guildmage Boddy, and race to either solve the crime first, or take out your competing detectives.

Despite not playing exactly like Magic, the cards included in it are Eternal legal, meaning you can play them in Legacy, Vintage, and Commander. As it’s got its own set code, it’s not part of Murders at Karlov Manor and isn’t Standard, Pioneer, or Modern-legal.

Only a handful of cards from Ravnica: Clue Edition have been shown, but what we have seen is immediately intriguing. The cast of Cluedo is given Ravnica-flavoured makeovers with cards like Senator Peacock, and even lands are based on the room tiles from Cluedo. Equipment based on the murder weapons is also a very nice touch.

Shockingly, Ravnica: Clue Edition is confirmed to include the shocklands, just a month after their high-profile reprinting in Ravnica Remastered. Considering these are Commander staples that can be quite pricy to get your hands on, having a guaranteed shock in a bundle, and the rest presumably spread through the set, could make Clue one of the most sought-after Magic products in a while.

Steam Vents

Ravnica: Clue Edition will be launching on February 23, two weeks after Murders at Karlov Manor.


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