The Best Races For A Druid In WoW

Druids in World of Warcraft are known for offering a unique experience through Azeroth, mostly due to their mount forms. Being the shapeshifters that they are, even if it is for combat or traversing the world, they become the form best suited for the situation.




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While there are a few races that can be Druids, each of their racial abilities makes the way they take on the Druidic mantle very different. If you’re choosing your Druid for PvP, PvE, or even farming, here are the best choices for each faction.

7 Troll

Not Much Going For Them

World of Warcraft image showing a troll reading a scroll

Across all game modes, Troll Druids fail to excel in any meaningful way, although there’s nothing wrong with them either. It’s just that all other races have at least a small benefit in some game modes, which makes it hard to recommend Trolls.

Aesthetically, however, they really pop out from a crowd, and without any special transmogs. They have vibrant colors and tusks that define their shape, not to mention their unique bat form for air traveling, making them easily stand out among the Horde choices for Druids.

6 Kul Tiran

The Drust Side Of Nature

World of Warcraft image showing a Kul Tiran human in moonkin form

The Kul Tiran Humans were introduced in the Battle for Azeroth expansion, and with their unique Druidic transformations, they became some of the most popular choices to take on the class. Sadly, they don’t have a lot of synergies with Druids, even if they look really cool.

While Kul Tirans make for great tanks no matter the class chosen, there’s little else that can make you choose them over the other two Alliance Races. Even some of their racials are wasted on the class, like Child of the Sea, since swimming faster and holding your breath for longer is pointless when you can transform into a Seal.

5 Tauren

The Best Basic Horde Race

World of Warcraft image showing a Tauren holding an axe

Without any Allied Race unlocked, your only Horde options for Druids are Trolls or Taurens, and beyond how each looks, Taurens are the easy winners. They work better as gold farmers, and even come with a slight edge when dealing with enemy players in PvP.

When it comes to farming, all Druids should train in the Herbalism profession, since the class already comes with a passive that lets them collect herbs while in mount form. The Tauren race comes with Cultivation, a passive that improves Herbalism and makes you gather herbs faster.

Taurens also have a slight edge in PvP with War Stomp, a racial ability that stuns enemies for two seconds. It isn’t the most impactful of abilities, and you need to use it while not transformed, but it can give you an opening in an otherwise unwinnable fight.

4 Highmountain Tauren

New And Improved Model

World of Warcraft image showing a Highmountain Tauren holding an axe

In many ways, the Highmountain Taurens feel like an upgrade to the regular Taurens, so if you have access to both, there’s little reason to go with the base variant. The only advantage Taurens have is that their War Stomp is more useful in PvP, but Highmountain Taurens still have similar options, like Bull Rush.


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Highmountain Taurens are far better farmers than Taurens, or many other races for that matter, since they excel at mining and gaining more loot thanks to their passives. While Taurens improve on what Druids already do well, the Highmountain ones gain the ability to farm more efficiently, dividing their efforts into herbs, minerals, and loot.

Beyond that, Highmountain Taurens are great tanks, with passives that reduce damage, and the previously mentioned Bull Rush serving as a gap closer and stun for enemy mobs. As a Druid, you can Rush into battle, transforming into bear form and being there for your teammates in the hardest Raid encounters.

3 Worgen

Technically, The First Human Druids

World of Warcraft image showing a Worgen on the run

In many ways, you might think that the Worgen aren’t the best Druids, since their Racial abilities overlap with what Druids are already capable of doing, like transforming into a mount. Yet Worgens have some skills that complement the Druid package, particularly while farming.

We’ve already touched how Highmountain Taurens are great at farming, thanks to how they complement herb farming with mining. Worgens do much of the same, but with skinning, making them a better choice than Highmountain Taurens simply due to availability (Worgens are a basic Race after all).

Another interesting ability of the Worgens is Darkflight, giving them a boost in movement speed for a few seconds. This, combined with the boosts already given by the Feral forms of Druids, make Worgen Druids the fastest at completing objectives, be it to help teammates or farm all the nodes.

2 Zandalari Trolls

The Power Of The Loa

World of Warcraft image showing a Zandalari Troll and Kul Tiran Human doing battle

Zandalari Trolls are one of the best Races in WoW overall, even without considering Druids. Their racial skills are highly customizable, meaning that you can have bonuses that are tailor-made for the content you play, without needing to have multiple Druids made.

If undecided, you can always go with the Embrace of Gonk passive, which improves your movement speed. This affects all your forms, and as discussed with the Worgens, more speed means more objectives done in very little time.

And of course, we can’t forget to mention their unique Druid forms, making them stand out heavily compared to other Druids. Even their Moonkin form is special, since all others share the same silhouette; while looks are highly subjective, what the Zandalari Trolls bring to the table can’t be ignored.

1 Night Elves

The Sneakiest Druids

World of Warcraft Malfurion Stormrage

So far, we have understood that a good Race for a Druid is one that improves its farming capabilities, or at least gives some edge in combat. While Night Elves do have increased speed with Quickness, that’s not what makes them so special. Instead, the focus is on Shadowmeld.

Shadowmeld turns the Night Elf invisible, removing all threat levels and likely ending all combat scenarios in PvE. Even while farming you’ll have to deal with combat, and Shadowmeld lets you ignore most mobs, vanishing into the shadows when they become too many.

Being a Druid, you can now instantly cast your travel form, something that other classes can’t do. This makes you escape any dangerous situations, even against other players in PvP, making the Night Elves the best overall Race for Druids in WoW.


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