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  • Foes Of The Dragon: Taken

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish has released its second set of Seasonal Challenges. For the first ten weeks of a given season, Bungie releases a weekly set of challenges that award massive sums of XP and Bright Dust when completed. Most of these challenges are fairly easy to do, so this acts as a great way to passively complete your Season Pass.




Destiny 2: Season Of The Wish – All Week 1 Seasonal Challenges

Defeat enemies with Swords, complete Dreaming City activities, and use Primary weapons in ritual content to complete some of this week’s challenges.

This week’s challenges are straightforward and should only take a couple of hours to complete. You’ll need to stun Champions, defeat Guardians with Solar damage, and complete seasonal activities. This guide will cover the fastest ways of completing each challenge and provide exact reward values for each Seasonal Challenge.

Wishseeker II

Destiny 2 Season Of The Wish Guardian Standing In Front Of Riven

Wishseeker II: Complete Week 2 of “Wishing All the Best.”


The second week of “Wishing All the Best” is now available. You can acquire this quest by completing Season of the Wish’s introductory mission in the H.E.L.M. Complete the first set of objectives, then clear this week’s quest steps to complete this Seasonal Challenge.

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Inner Fires

Destiny 2 Dragon's Breath Exotic Rocket Launcher

Inner Fires: Get Solar, Void, or Strand final blows. Bonus progression is granted for Scorch, Volatile, or Suspended final blows.


Inner Fires requires you to defeat 250 enemies with Solar, Void, or Strand damage. Enemies affected by Scorch, Volatile, or Suspend are worth twice as much. An easy way to complete this challenge is by using Prometheus Lens or Tommy’s Matchbook. Both weapons inflict a small amount of Scorch with each hit, counting as Scorch final blows for bonus progress.

Alternatively, you can equip the Kindling Trigger Artifact perk to gain Scorch on all Solar weapons while Radiant. Some good Exotic weapons to pair with this are Ticuu’s Divination, Sunshot, and Vex Mythoclast.

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Foes Of The Dragon: Taken

Destiny 2 Warlord's Ruin Taken Orb Animating Ahamkara Bones

Foes of the Dragon: Taken: Defeat Taken anywhere in the system. Defeating Taken in RIven’s Lair or The Coil grants additional progress. Additionally, complete pathways in Riven’s Lair and The Coil.


You’ll need to defeat 125 Taken and complete 8 pathways to finish this challenge. Pathways refer to full runs of Riven’s Lair or a single cycle of The Coil. Defeating the final boss in either activity will count as a full pathway clear. As for Taken, you can defeat them in any activity, not just Season of the Wish content.

We recommend farming Riven’s Lair to get this done quickly, as The Coil’s escalating difficulty makes that activity take far longer to clear than Riven’s Lair. With that said, The Coil is far more rewarding if you’re up for the added challenge.

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Dragons Defender II

Destiny 2 Wish-Keeper Bow

Dragon’s Defender II: Defeat targets with Shotguns or Bows. Gain additional progress from Guardian final blows and final blows within Riven’s Lair or The Coil.


Dragon’s Defender II requires you to defeat 126 targets with Shotguns or Bows. This is easiest to complete by using Trinity Ghoul in Riven’s Lair. With its Exotic Catalyst installed, Trinity Ghoul will charge itself with chain lightning after every kill, allowing you to obliterate entire waves of enemies with a single arrow. Riven’s Lair mobs will also offer bonus progress, so this challenge shouldn’t take long to complete.

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Absolutely Stunning

Destiny 2 Champion

Absolutely Stunning: Stun Champions.


  • 100,000 XP
  • 300 Bright Dust

Stun 50 Champions to complete this challenge. You can stun Champions in any activity, and the same Champion can be stunned multiple times to make progress. It’s easiest to complete this through Legend Lost Sector as a Stasis subclass. You can instantly stun Overloads with slow debuffs, and Unstoppable targets can be stunned by shattering them while frozen.

For Barriers, you can use the Flint Striker Artifact perk to gain Radiant on any subclass this season, giving your weapons Anti-Barrier Rounds. This setup will let you counter every Champion in the game with ease.

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The Sun’s Fire

Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 Featured

The Sun’s Fire: Defeat Guardians with Solar damage in the Crucible.


While in any Crucible playlist, defeat 25 Guardians with Solar damage. Solar damage includes abilities, Supers, and weapons that deal Solar damage. As for playlists, you can’t go wrong with Momentum Control or Mayhem. For weapons, some good options include Sunshot, Vex Mythoclast, and Tarrabah. Solar Special weapons are a solid alternative as well.

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Precision Calibration

Destiny 2 Touch of Malice

Precision Calibration: Calibrate marksman weapons—Scout Rifles, Sniper RIfles, and Linear Fusion Rifles—by landing precision final blows. Bonus progress against Guardians.


Precision Calibration requires 200 headshot kills with Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Linear Fusion Rifles. This is easiest to complete with Scout Rifles since they have infinite ammo. Transfiguration is our go-to recommendation since it can roll with double damage perks, but you may opt for an Exotic instead since they deal 40% more damage to red bars.

For landing 200 kills, you can farm The Coil solo to make progress towards other challenges. Alternatively, visit the Shuro Chi encounter in Last Wish or the opening encounter of Grasp of Avarice.

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