How To Romance Pablo In My Time At Sandrock

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In My Time At Sandrock, the town of Sandrock may be far away from other cities, but that doesn’t mean Pablo is going to let his fellow citizens fall behind in terms of fashion. As a young stylist who runs his own salon, Pablo has a love of style that’s matched by his love for gossip, but that’s not all that’s on his mind.




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Pablo is a good friend to those he knows and often supports them with words of encouragement and a new outfit or two. If you put in the effort to romance him, you’ll find a kind, supportive, and fashionable soul by your side.

Who Is Pablo?

Player character chatting with Pablo about fashion while inside his salon Pablo's Parlor in My Time At Sandrock.


Spring 1


176 cm


66 kg



Reverse Confession?

Dating: No

Marriage: No

Pablo is Sandrock’s resident hairdresser who spends most of his time in Sandrock, but occasionally sets off to different cities in search of new styles to bring back home.

Initially, Pablo is out of town when you first arrive, and in order to have him return to Sandrock, you’ll need to progress through the story enough to accept the mission, Operation: De-Geeglate. He’ll end up returning the day after you accept it, and his salon, Pablo’s Parlor, will open back up.

As you chat and get to know him, you’ll quickly discover that Pablo is a lover of fashion who enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion trends, supports his friend’s endeavors, and is a friendly face who’s keen on town secrets and gossip.

Pablo is also a friend of both Heidi and Amirah’s, so finishing their quests and making friends with them will boost your relationship with Pablo.

What Are Pablo’s Relationship Perks?

As the owner of Pablo’s Parlor, his biggest relationship perks relate to his hairdressing business, and romancing him can get you some pretty deep discounts on his appearance-modifying services.


Sometimes sends you a gift in the mail.

Good Friend

20% discount at Pablo’s Parlor.

Where Can You Find Pablo?

Pablo standing outside on the porch outside his salon during the early morning hours in My Time At Sandrock.

Once Pablo is back in Sandrock, he’ll spend most of his day inside Pablo’s Parlor or on the porch just outside his business.

He can also be found at Fireside Meetings occasionally, but he doesn’t attend them as often as other characters.

Pablo attends most festivals in the game, and even participates in some, such as the Showdown At High Noon competition in Spring.

Which Gifts Should You Give Pablo?

Player character in the gifting menu for Pablo and planning to gift to him a Jeweled Egg relic in My Time At Sandrock.

One of the best ways to befriend and romance Pablo is by gifting him items, and he’s a big fan of different gemstones, certain relics, and some pieces of jewelry.

Pablo is also one of several characters in the game who has a chance to request a particular item each in-game week as a Desire, and fulfilling it provides additional relationship points.

Loved Items


Jeweled Egg

Gold Ring

Golden Bull Head

Liked Items


Curling Iron

Hair Dryer




Gifts To Avoid Giving Pablo

Like most characters in the game, Pablo hates to receive any type of Scrap or any Ruined item such as Ruined Cloth, but he doesn’t have many specific dislikes.

He will also refuse any sort of weaponry or sandfishing bait such as the Shiny Scorpion, but it won’t negatively affect your relationship level.


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