Cyberpunk 2077 Player Finds Very Hidden Matrix Easter Egg In Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty has a reference to The Matrix hidden away in Dogtown – tucked away so well that a fan has only just found it. Deep in the new Dogtown map, in a room that most players wouldn’t even think to find a way into, you can find an odd set-up that’s clearly inspired by a scene from The Matrix, thrown in there for anyone taking the time to explore.



This Easter Egg was shared by Reddit user Cerber_4_25, who has a video of how they came across it. To make your way to the room comfortably, you’ll want some upgrades that make platforming easier. In this case, Cerber_4_25 uses the Air Dash perk, so it’s easier to make the long jumps required – the devs really hid this quite well.

You can see the room they find towards the end of the video. As many have pointed out in the replies, this is a clear reference to the first Matrix film. It’s this scene below, in case you need to jog your memory.

It’s not a surprise to see that CD Projekt Red added yet another reference to The Matrix in the Phantom Liberty expansion. Both stories have a fair amount of similarities – and both even star Keanu Reeves, albeit in pretty different roles.

Even putting the neat little Easter Egg aside, it’s nice to see that you can enter some of the buildings you encounter while parkouring around Night City and Dogtown. For the most part, anything outside of major locations is inaccessible to V – a not insignificant point of contention for fans at launch. Phantom Liberty slightly fixes this, but it does still mean that most of the doors you run into will be locked. Not here, though. Exploration was actually rewarded in this instance.

Phantom Liberty was very warmly received by fans, along with the version 2.0 update launched shortly before the expansion. This overhauled the gameplay completely, something Phantom Liberty makes the most of in the new missions it introduces through Dogtown. In fact, Cyberpunk 2077 is going into this year’s Game Awards with four nominations – more than it nabbed in its launch year. It’s safe to say that CDPR has shifted public perception, ending the story of Cyberpunk 2077 on a much more positive note than it started.


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