What Are Flyers Used For In Coral Island?

Those pesky flyers are polluting the water. Someone should really do something about it.

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With so many items in Coral Island, there’s a lot to find. When you come across a new item, you may be tempted to hold onto it until you find a use for it. After all, resources are precious materials to be saved for a rainy day. However, not all items are created equal.




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While some items are trash, others serve a purpose. Most materials, if not all, can be recycled in the game, as finding a way to reuse the ever-growing amount of trash on the island is one of the main focuses of Coral Island. Here’s what you can do with flyers once you have enough of them.

How To Find Flyers

Pufferfish Drilling Corp posters in Coral Island

Flyers are an item that can be found while fishing. Nothing is worse than waiting for a prize catch while fishing only to reel in yet another Pufferfish Drilling Corp flyer about how oil will save the town.

You’re not guaranteed to find them each time you fish, but there is always a chance. They can easily build up in your inventory and take up space meant for more useful items.

What Are Flyers Used For?

While you can always trash the flyers or throw them in the shipping bin, it’s much more beneficial to compost or recycle them. The flyers are considered trash, and like trash, they can be turned into compost or scrap.

There are many uses for trash in Coral Island, like crafting and improving crop quality.

Saving your posters can help build your supply of materials, which will come in handy later in the game when you’re able to expand your operations on the farm and need better crops or more organization. Don’t waste your flyers!


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