The Best Builds For Beginners In Lords Of The Fallen


  • Lords of the Fallen is a challenging game with tough obstacles, but there are customization options to make it less challenging.
  • Strength, Ranged, Radiance, and Inferno Builds are popular options for different playstyles and strategies.
  • The Strength Radiance Build offers versatility, combining melee attacks with powerful Radiant spells for a potent gameplay experience.



Lords Of The Fallen is a Soulslike game known for its challenges, with tough obstacles in environments, enemies, and bosses. It puts your patience and skills to the test. For newcomers to this genre, the game might be difficult, but there are plenty of customization options to make your journey less challenging.


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Lords of the Fallen is a challenging game that might be tough for some people, but you’re in the right spot for guidance.

If you’re new to Lords of the Fallen or the Soulslike genre, you might find it helpful to try one of these beginner-friendly builds. They are easy to master and can guide you through the game.

5 Strength Build

Player parrying an enemy attack Lords of the Fallen

  • Focused on close-range encounters

  • Uses Strength weapons for potent damage

  • Employs a shield for character protection

A Strength Build is a popular choice for both new and experienced players in their initial playthrough of the game. Its main emphasis is on Strength stat, enabling you to wield powerful weapons that deal significant damage. Additionally, you can use a shield to block enemy attacks and reduce the damage you take.

Opting for a Strength Build allows you to equip sturdy armor, boosting your defensive stats to endure various types of damage and status effects in the game. Even though it’s geared towards close-range combat, it’s essential to invest in both Vitality and Endurance to increase your health and stamina. This ensures you can either dodge or block enemy attacks effectively. Choosing a Strength Build is a reliable and solid option in any soulslike game including Lords of the Fallen, thanks to its resilience and effectiveness.

4 Ranged Build

Player is aiming with his bow at an enemy Lords of the Fallen

  • Specializes in long-range combat

  • Primarily employs Agility weapons

  • Utilizes ranged weapons such as throwables, bows, and crossbows to maintain a safe distance from enemies

A Ranged Build revolves around maintaining a safe distance from enemies while dealing damage. It primarily focuses on both Strength and Agility stats, as most ranged weapons require these two stats for equipping. Surprisingly, the game offers various ranged options, including bows, crossbows, and throwable weapons, each with different ammo costs, and you can monitor them with a separate Ammunition bar.


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With this build, you’ll often avoid taking hits since you initiate fights from a distance, ensuring you damage enemies before they can close in. It’s wise to keep a melee weapon handy, as you’ll need it to finish off enemies or when you run out of ammunition.

3 Radiance Build

Player using Radiant Spells Lords of the Fallen

  • Specializes in using Radiant spells

  • Focuses primarily on the Radiance stat

  • The array of Radiant spells enables dealing substantial damage while providing additional healing and buff options for your character

Remember Faith stat from the Souls game? Well, Radiance works exactly like it, providing various spells that deal damage, heal your character, and buff it. A Radiance Build isn’t just beginner-friendly; it’s also one of the most popular choices in the game. Using Radiant spells allows you to maintain a safe distance from enemies, dealing tons of damage before they even realize it.

Moreover, within Radiant spells, there are multiple healing and buff spells that can strengthen your character, making your journey easier so you won’t have to worry about running out of heals. That said, a Radiant weapon is a must for melee combat, and it’s essential to keep a stock of Manastones to replenish your mana for continued spell use.

2 Inferno Build

Player using Inferno Spells Lords of the Fallen

  • Specialize in using Inferno spells and inflicting Burn status effect

  • Primary focus is on the Inferno stat

  • Inferno spells are designed to deal substantial damage, literally melting enemies

If you enjoyed using pyromancies in previous Souls games, you’ll feel right at home with an Inferno Build. It’s easy to master and a reliable option throughout the entire game. The focus here is on dealing significant damage to enemies from a safe distance, inflicting the Burn status that gradually eats away at their health. This means you won’t have to worry much about getting up close to finish off enemies; your spells will take care of that for you.


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As always, having an Inferno weapon is crucial, and keeping a supply of Manastones for mana replenishment is a must since Inferno spells tend to consume more mana than other types in the game. The only drawback of this build is that you won’t get powerful Inferno spells until mid-game. Initially, you’ll have to stick with what you have, but once you get your hands on those potent spells, you’ll see how much easier the game becomes with this build.

1 Strength Radiance Build

Player defeated the Lightreaper Lords of the Fallen

  • Focuses on both Strength and Radiance stats

  • Offers the versatility to utilize both melee and magic attacks

  • Maximizes the benefits of both worlds by employing heavy weapons and powerful Radiant spells

Not only is this a beginner-friendly build, but it’s also one of the powerful options you can use in Lords of the Fallen. Taking advantage of both melee weapons that deal a lot of damage and Radiant spells to inflict damage and heal your character, it’s like enjoying the best of both worlds in this game. While this build focuses on two stats instead of just one, the results are amazing.

Just imagine casting a Radiant spell on an enemy, and as soon as they try to close in and attack you, hitting them with your big sword; they stand no chance. A Strength Radiance Build is a potent choice, whether you’re dealing with a group of enemies, facing bosses, or even engaging in PVP.


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