The Best Tips For Quickplay In Hunt: Showdown


  • In Hunt: Showdown’s quickplay mode, knowing the range of your weapon is crucial to avoid getting caught in disadvantageous fights.
  • Choosing when to engage in battles is key to survival and success, as attacking every opponent can lead to being overwhelmed.
  • Utilizing the environment and using enemies against each other can be a strategic advantage in quickplay mode.



The bayou of Hunt: Showdown is a ruthless place. As if zombies, hellhounds, and other monstrous creatures weren’t bad enough; you also have other hunters to deal with. While it is worth it to play the Bounty Hunt missions to gain experience and money to buy more powerful weapons, sometimes you want a faster game mode to play.


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That’s where quickplay comes in. Here every hunter is on their own, and it’s a race to find and drain the wellspring. This battle royale game mode may be fun, but it also harnesses its unique challenges, so here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re alone in the bayou during quickplay.

7 Know Your Range

Hunt Showdown Aiming Down a Sniper Scope

You have the option at the beginning of the game to pick what kind of random weapon you want to start the game with. You have the option of short-range, medium-range, or melee; while each one has its benefits, you should pick only what suits your playstyle.

You can always trade these weapons out later on for ones you find around the map, but regardless you should know what the preferred range is for the weapons you have and make sure you’re keeping that in mind when a fight comes around. Attacking someone with a sawed-off at max range is a quick way to end back up in the lobby.

6 Pick Your Battles

Player attacking a team from behind in Hunt Showdown.

A classic tip for any battle royale mode. It may be tempting to attack anyone who crosses your path, but that’s a quick way to end up overwhelmed and outgunned. Once you see an opponent, gauge how clear of a shot you have on them and what equipment you have on you before you go ahead and start firing.


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There’s also nothing wrong with breaking away from someone who has started firing at you, especially if they’re making noise and there are other hunters nearby. You also don’t have to attack every AI enemy you come across either, unless they pose a threat or would give away your position.

5 Defense Or Offense

Hunt Showdown Characters Facing Armored On Fire In Cabin

You and the rest of the hunters on the map are each going for the same goal, but only one of you can win. Knowing that, you could choose to wait for enemy hunters to thin themselves out, before going to the wellspring.

Alternatively, if you are confident in your abilities when it comes to defending the wellspring’s location, you can rush in and start draining it while the other hunters try and stop you. While waiting is probably the easier way, there isn’t a surefire one to winning, so definitely go the route that better suits your ideals.

4 Be Perceptive

Hunt Showdown Hunter Looking Outside From a Barn

Your senses play a big part in winning any match of Hunt: Showdown, and staying watchful is a great way to catch enemy hunters early on, especially early on in a match when everyone is moving quickly. Seeing a hunter before they see you means you have the drop on them, and then can react accordingly, instead of being off-footed.

The game is also designed to have sound as a major part of gameplay, so creatures, branches, animals, and even interactable objects all make sounds that can hint to you (or your enemy) that someone is nearby. Making sure you’ve honed your senses and are staying perceptive will make sure you get caught unaware as little as possible.

3 Save Your Ammo

Sneaking up on other hunters Hunt Showdown

Regardless of the weapon you’re using, you probably won’t have an abundance of ammo. One prolonged firefight will have you desperately seeking out a nearby ammo crate or just a new weapon altogether.

Picking your shots and trying to up your accuracy whenever possible is the difference between a slew of kills and you pretty much just firing into the air. This goes hand-in-hand with picking your fights, and with the right temperament and a steady hand, you’ll be able to take out enemy hunters without them being able to do anything to stop you.

2 Use Enemies Against Each Other

Hunt Showdown Armored Rushing Player WIth Machete

Quickplay is unique in the way that you have no allies to help you with your goal, and while this may sound intimidating, it has some benefits. That being, everyone else is in the same boat as you, so one way to stay out of trouble and use the world of Hunt: Showdown to your advantage is to stack enemies against each other.

Kiting AI enemies into enemy hunters or making a hunter make too much noise and call in other players are both key strategies to overwhelm your enemies. As things get more hectic for them, you can always dip out of the fight or rotate to get a better angle on whoever survives.

1 Pay Attention To Your Entire Arsenal

Hunt Showdown Character Using Stamina Shot

Guns are only a fraction of the tools at your disposal in Hunt: Showdown. You also will find various equipment throughout the map, including bombs, throwing knives, and traps that can be used to get the upper hand on your enemies.

Perhaps more important, are the Traits that you will gain as you investigate wellspring clues. These are randomized but can be incredibly beneficial depending on what you get, so make sure to check as you pick up new items to see if there’s anything that can be used in conjunction with the traits you possess.


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