Lord Of The Rings Tales Of Middle Earth Starter Kit 45 Percent Off

Get into Magic: The Gathering with the MTG: Lord of the Rings learn to play starter kit for almost 50 percent off.

The perfect combination for Lord of the Rings and tabletop game fans is Magic: The Gathering. The Universes Beyond crossover from Magic introduces the world of Tolkien to the universe of Magic, bringing new artwork and new character versions and breathing new life into both Magic and Lord of the Rings.




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The Magic: The Gathering – Lord Of The Rings Tales Of Middle Earth Starter Kit is the perfect way to get into Magic: The Gathering if you’re a Tolkien fan and want to start playing the game. If you want to get your friends into Magic and you know they love Lord of the Rings, it also makes the perfect gift.

LOTR Starter Kit

Magic: The Gathering – Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-earth Starter Kit

$20 $36 Save $16

Magic: The Gathering meets Lord of the Rings in this Universes Beyond collection. Learn to play with a friend as this starter deck includes two full decks and a how-to-play guide to get you right into the action, fighting for the fate of Middle-Earth with the power of Magic: The Gathering.

The perfect set for a duo, the starter kit that’s on sale now comes with everything you need to start playing. You’ll get two premade 60-card decks for Magic: The Gathering featuring cards and artwork from the Lord of the Rings Tales of Middle Earth Universes Beyond collaboration. If you need the perfect stocking stuffer to get your nerdy friends into Magic, this might be the ideal gift to give.

It also makes for a great gift for Lord of the Rings fans in your life who can enjoy the beauty of the artwork and collect the cards for their own collection.

The set also comes with the following:

  • One foil Mythic Rare card
  • Four Rare cards
  • Two codes to unlock the cards on Magic: The Gathering Arena to play online (one for you, one for your friend)
  • Four double-sided tokens
  • Two deck boxes
  • Two double-sided reference cards.

Along with the play guide, you can jump right into learning this massive tabletop game for less than $20 for two people. Grab the deal while it’s still live before Black Friday ends.


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