Zenless Zone Zero Fans Are Up In Arms Over Censorship

Zenless Zone Zero’s second beta has kicked off, giving fans of Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail a look at what Mihoyo is cooking with its third big title. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of them aren’t too pleased with what they’ve seen, as it appears as though the developer has toned back some of the game’s gore, character outfits, and more suggestive poses.



One of the biggest points of contention involves character Nicole Demara, who has undergone several changes since the launch of the game’s first beta. For starters, Mihoyo has drastically scaled back the physics of Nicole’s chest, who no longer has the ability to potentially knock herself out by quickly turning around. Secondly, her menu poses have changed rather dramatically too, as she makes less exaggerated movements when switching between screens.

While Nicole was subject to the more drastic changes, fans have also noticed that certain characters have had their outfits slightly tweaked to cover up more skin, causing further anger and hostility towards Mihoyo. Quite how a series of minor outfit change is enough to suddenly make a game many were looking forward to completely unplayable is a mystery, but that’s what they’re doing to some players.

Bro ain’t no way, may as well make it for 2 year olds. I don’t see where the 16+ rating comes from now. Unfortunate.

To make matter even worse for these individuals, the removal of Nicole’s more suggestive poses isn’t the only example of what many deem blatant censorship. In a separate thread on the Zenless Zone Zero subreddit, Reddit user WhateverLetMeIn521 noticed that the game seems to have toned the gore back a little bit as well.

In the first beta, the game included a comic strip of a guy’s face getting completely pulverized, his jaw splitting into two in a rather gruesome fashion. Now that comic strip appears to have been altered to tone back the more gruesome aspects of the death, replacing the panel with the shattered jaw with an image of the guy’s head missing entirely, with not a drop of blood to be seen. It’s still kind of brutal, but a lot less so than the previous version.

If you want an explanation for the changes, this more than likely has something to do with Mihoyo wanting to ensure the game can launch in China, rather than due to feedback from fans or their own creative ideals. Mihoyo is based in China, which is more than likely much more restrictive than other countries. It’s still the same game it was back during the first beta, and I think fans would much prefer to have a slightly censored version of Zenless Zone Zero than no game at all.


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