How To Get MaxTac Mantis Blades In Cyberpunk 2077

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There are lots of ways to slice and dice people in Cyberpunk 2077, but none of them reach the same visceral quality as using the Mantis Blades. These terrifying blades come ripping out of your arms to rip apart chooms gonk enough to stand in your way, and the MaxTac Mantis Blades are the best Mantis Blades anywhere on the streets of Night City.




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Getting the MaxTac Mantis Blades ain’t easy. You’ll need to take on Night City’s toughest enforcers, either by picking the fight yourself or waiting until Cyberpunk offers them up as part of a job. Either way, be sure you’ve got some powerful iron before heading out to spit in MaxTac’s face.

What Are MaxTac Mantis Blades

Cyberpunk 2077 MaxTac Mantis Blades-1

Put simply, MaxTac Mantis Blades are a special variant of Mantis Blades used by MaxTac. They have a unique color and texture compared to regular Mantis Blades, but they don’t offer any additional damage or effects. Getting the MaxTac Mantis Blades is purely a cosmetic choice.

Normal Mantis Blades can come in Thermal, Toxic, and Electrifying variants, while MaxTac Mantis Blades can only deal physical damage. This arguably makes the normal Mantis Blades the superior choice.


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How To Obtain MaxTac Mantis Blades

Cyberpunk 2077 MaxTac Mantis Blades Inventory

There are three ways to obtain MaxTac Mantis Blades: attacking Mantis-armed MaxTac enemies as part of a bounty escalation, looting them off the corpse of Melissa Rory during the “Bullets” side job, or completing the additional objective during the “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” job.

Killing Mantis MaxTac Enemies

Cyberpunk 2077 MaxTac

The most difficult and least reliable way of getting MaxTac Mantis Blades is to keep killing MaxTac enemies until you find this cyberware on one of their corpses. This involves killing police until you reach bounty level five, at which point MaxTac will arrive. Every Mantis-equipped MaxTac officer has a chance to have the MaxTac Mantis Blades once defeated.

Picking a fight with MaxTac is no simple matter. First, you’ll need to survive waves of normal NCPD officers, and then MaxTac will bring a squad of cyberpsycho-level enemies to deal with. Even on normal difficulty, this can be a tough fight requiring a high-level build just to survive.

Some might find the fight relatively simple, but finding the MaxTac Mantis Blades to be a bit of a pain. These blades aren’t a guaranteed drop, and finding the corpse of the Mantis MaxTac soldiers in the chaos of battle can be difficult. And once you find them, you still have to survive and escape.

The Behavioral Imprint-Synced Faceplate won’t let you escape MaxTac. Try Optical Camo alongside flashbang and smoke grenades when it’s time to make your escape.

Kill Melissa Rory During The “Bullets” Side Job

Cyberpunk 2077 Bullets Jinguji Melissa Rory

A surer way to obtain the MaxTac Mantis Blades comes during the “Bullets” side job, but activating this job requires a bit of work.

First, you’ll need to find the store called “Jinguji” in Downtown, City Center. This high-end clothing store is just southwest of the Halsey & MLK fast travel station, but it’s easiest to find by going to the Senate & Market fast travel station. Keep going north until you find a stark grey storefront with white kanji above the door.

If this is your first time at Jinguji, then the side job won’t be available. You must first speak to Zane and then leave. You don’t need to buy anything–just speak to Zane and then leave the store.

After a few days, return to Jinguji. You should see an undiscovered side job marker and a new conversation option with Zane that reads, “A little quiet in here.” Select this option.

After you return from the transaction screen, a cyberpsycho will have entered the store and killed the security guard. Zane will lock the store down, forcing you to kill the cyberpsycho. Afterward, Melissa Rory of MaxTac arrives.

Melissa will conduct a brief interview with you, and you’ll have the option of conversing with Melissa before leaving the store. After leaving, immediately return and kill Melissa for her MaxTac Mantis Blades.

Try to kill Melissa quickly before the rest of her MaxTac friends have a chance to respond, then loot her MaxTac Mantis Blades before departing Jinguji.

Now all you need to do is run and hide until the heat dies down before running to your preferred ripperdoc to get your MaxTac Mantis Blades installed.

Complete Optional Objective During The “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” Job

This method of obtaining the MaxTac Mantis Blades requires the Phantom Liberty DLC. There are also minor spoilers ahead.

Getting to the “Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos” job requires helping Reed and betraying Songbird during the “Firestarter” main job. Once you escape the stadium with Reed, MaxTac will capture Songbird. The only way to break her out is for V to contact a netrunner.

Depending on your previous progress in other areas of Cyberpunk 2077, V can contact one of several different netrunners. Ignore them all and instead contact Mr. Hands for help. The fixer will charge you $15,000 to enlist Yoko Tsuru, who will retrieve the required intel after 10 hours.

You’ll need to head to Yoko’s store in Kabuki to get that intel and then accept her proposal. Later, after Reed and the Sixth Street Solder have set up traps for the convoy, you’ll be given an optional objective to inform Hands where the MaxTac ambush will take place so he can send salvagers to take everything of value.

Complete the MaxTac convoy ambush to finish “Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos,” then finish the “Somewhat Damaged” and either the “Leave in Silence” or “This Corrosion” jobs to complete Phantom Liberty’s main story.

Some time afterward, Mr. Hands will contact you about a gift left in your apartment. That gift is the MaxTac Mantis Blades.


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