How To Romance Leah in Coral Island

With so many engaging NPCs in Coral Island, it’s impossible to pick just one favorite. However, you can settle down with your favorite single NPC to begin a life together. To do so, you’ll need to increase how many hearts you have with them and witness all of their heart events. Then, you can propose and embark on a new journey.




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One of the eligible bachelorettes in Coral Island is Leah, a rather cold and hard to approach, but as you get to know her, she’ll open up more. As she warms up to you, you can befriend her and pursue a romantic relationship with her.

Who Is Leah?

Leah teaches Yoga in Coral Island


Summer 24


Yoga Instructor


Randy (Father)

Ling (Stepmother)

Leah is an intimidating character, but she holds herself high. Despite her cruel comments about your fashion and career, she holds respect for the work you do. However, you’ll have to befriend her to learn why she struggles to be kind to you and others on the island.

As the yoga instructor at the Community Center, you’ll often find her there or just outside holding class. You can also find her in her home, on a bench near the mayor’s house, or on the beach during warmer months.

Leah’s relationship with her stepmother is complicated, as her is her relationship with her mother. You’ll learn more as you get to know her.

What Gifts To Give Leah

Leah loves her birthday gift in Coral Island

Leah has high standards with gifts, so it can be difficult to get to know her. Like everyone else on the island, she has universal likes and dislikes, but her own unique taste makes her preferred gifts a little different.

Leah’s Heart Events

Leah designs clothes in Coral Island

To get to know Leah, you’ll have to raise your hearts with her. By chatting with her, attending festivals, and giving her gifts, you’ll slowly deepen your relationship with her. Eventually, you can confess your feelings with a locket to unlock the last of her events.

Events must be viewed in order. You may need to wait for mail to arrive before unlocking certain events.

Some heart events won’t trigger during the winter, so keep an eye out!

Once you’ve witnessed all the heart events, you can propose to Leah and marry her. You can even settle down and start a family of your own together as you work to restore the island.


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