Best Actions In Rise Of The Floodborn In Disney Lorcana


  • Certain actions like “I’m Stuck!” and “Hold Still” can strategically delay opponents or heal characters, creating opportunities for victory.
  • Timing is crucial when playing powerful actions like “Hypnotize” and “Pick A Fight” to disrupt opponents’ strategies and banish their cards.
  • “Pack Tactics” allows you to collect lore from opponents’ damaged characters, while “Ring the Bell” instantly banishes damaged characters, giving you an advantage.



There are plenty of opportunities to take the board in Disney Lorcana, and actions allow you to manipulate how the game plays out. With the right actions and the right time, a losing hand can quickly become a useful tool to claim victory. Adding a few choice actions to your deck will set you up for success and increase your odds of winning if drawn at the opportune moment.


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Not all actions are created equal, and some are objectively better than others depending on the deck you’re using. While skill plays a role in how well the game plays out, having the right cards doesn’t hurt.

10 I’m Stuck!

Disney Lorcana I'm Stuck Action

With a cost of one, I’m Stuck! allows you to choose an exerted character and prevent them from readying at the start of their next turn. This is a powerful move to use if you need to delay your opponent from gaining lore or potentially challenging you later.

It also means that the character remains exerted and open to being challenged for another round. While not the most powerful action when comapred of others, this move should not be underestimated. It can come in handy when you least expect it, and if you don’t need it, you can ink it.

9 Hypnotize

Disney Lorcana Hypnotize Action

With Hypnotize, you get the opportunity to not only make your opponents discard a valuable card to them, but you yourself can draw a card. This is an excellent opportunity to interrupt your opponent’s strategy by making them choose which card in their hand to discard.

With a cost of three, it’s a bit pricey to play, but when well-timed, it can have a devastating effect on your opponent’s hand. Throwing them off by a turn or two makes it easier for you to swoop in and take the lead.

8 Hold Still

Disney Lorcana Hold Still Action

The power of healing cannot be underestimated, especially not as characters gain Resist and boosts to their attack. When you play Hold Still, you may remove up to four damage from any chosen character. Powerful characters often have more health to spare than others, but it can be depleted if challenged in succession.

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This can save some of your more powerful cards from being banished before you’re ready to see them go. Additionally, with a cost of two, Hold Still can be played without much trouble. Adding it to your deck can be a life-saver in a pinch.

7 Nothing To Hide

Disney Lorcana Nothing To Hide Action

Nothing To Hide gives you an early opportunity to reveal each opponent’s hand, giving you an idea of what they can use against you. This allows you to strategize and tailor your approach. Another benefit is that after each opponent reveals their hand, you get to draw a card.

With a cost of one, you can play this as early as turn one. Getting to see what you’re up against makes it easier to prepare for the next few turns and plan accordingly. While it doesn’t directly damage your opponent’s characters, it does eliminate the element of surprise for that turn.

6 Pick A Fight

pick a fight by pablo hidalgo and jeff merghart

With Pick A Fight, you can challenge a ready character the turn you play the card. This means that your opponents better look out because almost any character is fair game. This can quickly disrupt, if not ruin, your opponent’s strategy by being played at a crucial moment to banish any of their cards.

With a cost of two, Pick A Fight can be played relatively early and hinder Shift abilities if certain characters are damaged and banished before Shift can be used. It can also be used to help clear the board if you opponent has many characters, but doesn’t exert them all in one turn.

5 Last Stand

Disney Lorcana Last Stand Action

Using Last Stand, you can banish any chosen character that was challenged this turn. This can be used to remove powerful characters that can’t be banished in one turn, whether they have a high defense or benefit from Resist. With a cost of two, Last Stand can be used early and shake up the game.

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With a good strategy, you can easily begin wiping the board with Last Stand. Whether you have strong characters or a handful of weaker ones, you can banish your opponent’s characters by playing this card.

4 Pack Tactics

Disney Lorcana Pack Tactics Action

With Pack Tactics, you gain one lore for each damaged character your opponents have in play. If you’ve played carefully, this can easily help you collect a lot of lore in one fell swoop. Rather than banishing your opponent’s characters, you’ll want to deal only a bit of damage to reap the rewards of this action.

With a cost of four, this card needs to wait a bit before being played. However, you can use that as an opportunity to strategize. Doing so can grant you a better chance at winning if you control the board and play Pack Tactics.

3 Launch

Disney Lorcana Launch Action

With Launch, you can banish a chosen item of yours in exchange for dealing five damage to a chosen character. When strategizing, you can banish powerful characters without receiving any damage yourself. It’s a helpful tool that can help remove characters that can damage yours after you quest.

It can also be used in tandem with cards that banish damaged characters. With a cost of three, it can be played effectively to help clear the board and give you more space to collect lore without the risk of being banished yourself.

2 Ring the Bell

Disney Lorcana Ring the Bell Action

Ring The Bell is a valuable card that allows you to banish a chosen damaged character. When used with cards like Launch or characters that deal damage when played, Ring The Bell can instantly banish your opponent’s strongest characters all while sparing you from having to banish your own.

With a cost of three, it may take a few turns for you to use this card, however, it’s inkable and it’s able to turn the tide in your favor by interrupting your opponent’s plans. Ring The Bell is not to be underestimated.

1 Charge!

Disney Lorcana Charge Action

Charge! is a powerful card that grants not only Challenger, but Resist to a chosen character. This means that their attack is increased by two when they challenge and the damage dealt to them is reduced by two for the turn.

The benefit is that these abilities can stack. With cards like Cinderella, Stouthearted, you can make her especially lethal as she challenges other characters. With a strong strategy, and a bit of luck, you can easily banish other characters and bring yourself one step closer to winning.


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