Easter Eggs And References To Persona 5 In Persona 5 Tactica


  • Persona 5 Tactica includes several callbacks and Easter eggs to its original source material, offering a nostalgic experience for fans of Persona 5.
  • The spin-off game references specific moments and characters from Persona 5, such as hanging out in Shibuya, taking down corrupt school officials, and more.
  • The game maintains key character traits and dynamics from Persona 5, such as Morgana being mistaken for a cat and Ryuji’s growth and development.



Persona 5 Tactica is a 2023 tactics-based spin-off game from the much-beloved Persona 5 series, which pits its anime teenager characters against a whole new slew of bad guys that they’ll need to handle using careful planning and strategy. But like any good spin-off, Tactia offers more than a few callbacks to its original source material.


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Whether it’s in a side-comment made during an optional chat, character quirks that followed from the base game to the spin-off, or defining the Thieve’s overall mission, we’ve found a handful of callbacks to and Easter eggs from Persona 5 in Persona 5 Tactica.

This list contains end-game spoilers for Persona 5 Tactica, as well as the entirety of Persona 5 Royal.

Hanging Out In Shibuya

ryuji taking a selfie of himself, ann, joker, and morgana at the buffet together in persona 5 royal ryuji confidant guide

When the group is chatting with Erina in one of the optional “Talk” segments at the Hideout as she struggles to imagine what she may actually be, the Phantom Thieves eagerly chime in with their ideas for hanging out in Tokyo with Erina once the whole ordeal is over.

And while we recognize that these are pretty standard Japanese teenager activities, it was still fun to see Ann mention shopping and getting crepes, and Ryuji bringing up all sorts of fun after-school activities you did with your group of friends in the original game. Anyone who played P5 likely had a fun flashback to some of their favorite Confidant hangout scenes after this comment.

Taking Out A Corrupt Principal

vice principal nakabachi shaming toshiro and morgana persona 5 tactica persona 5 royal references

As the group is shoring up to take on Vice-Principal Nakabachi in what you expect to be the Nakabachi Kingdom, Futaba makes a comment to the group about needing to handle a corrupt school administrator once again. She mentions that he “needs to learn a lesson” before assisting the group with the push to the final showdown with Nakabachi.

And anyone who played Persona 5 will remember that we’ve already seen a corrupt school official get their comeuppance after Principal Kobayakawa was a thorn in Makoto’s side for the first half of Persona 5. He does eventually get taken out in a rather gruesome way, but the theme of sick school admin carries through either way.

A Press Conference “Like That” Bringing Back Memories

haru's dad dying at a press conference persona 5 royal

As you reach the end of the game and are in the final cutscenes watching how everything’s played out back in reality once you’ve defeated Salmael, Toshiro gives a press conference announcing that he’s indicting his father on criminal charges and divorcing his fiancé, Marie. Ann makes a comment after that a “press conference like that brings back memories of last year.”


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She’s referring to the press conference held by Haru’s father after you’ve completed the entirety of Okumura’s Spaceport and defeated him. He gives a press conference where you’re led to believe he’s going to confess to his wrongdoings, but some catastrophic tinkering by Black Mask leads to President Okumura dying on live television instead. Toshiro’s comments are arguably less dramatic than that, but we see where Ann was coming from.

Morgana’s Perception Of Politicians

morgana commenting on politics persona 5 royal tactica

Masayoshi Shido is mentioned several times throughout Persona 5 Tactica – he was the corrupt politician and overall garbage person infecting Tokyo with his nastiness before putting on a happy face for the Japanese public in his effort to run for election in government. Toshiro brings him up, too, mentioning how his father had tried to use Shido stepping down to his advantage.

Mona makes a comment about the abuse of power in politics, asking the team’s resident politician if all politicians were slimy and self-centered. And while it’s definitely a commentary on Atlus’ part, it makes sense that Morgana might feel this way. If his only exposure to politicians was through the events of P5 and P5T, then who could blame him for that opinion?

Ryuji “Went Through Something Recently” Himself

ryuji sakamoto leaning on joker for our persona 5 royal ryuji chariot confidant guide

During one of the numerous “Talk” segments in Persona 5 Tactica, optional side conversations you’re able to have with the group back at the Hideout to offer insight into the game or the character’s histories, Ryuji tries to console Erina and Toshiro by saying he had “gone through something recently” himself, only to discover that the Phantom Thieves were the friends he needed to support him all along.

He’s referring, of course, to the entire Kamoshida arc of Persona 5. Ryuji saw Kamoshida being a creep and tried to stand up to him, which led to the Shujin Academy track team being disbanded as punishment. Ryuji’s entire Confidant progression in P5 sees you talking him through these events, eventually helping him to close the book on that chapter of his life in a more peaceful way.

Yusuke Is Always Hungry

yusuke hungry p5t references

Throughout Persona 5 Tactica, from the time you save Yusuke in Lady Marie’s Kingdom and through to the end of the game, you’ll often hear Yusuke lamenting about the idea of eating food. He angles for free snacks any time the characters are at (one of the iterations of) Leblanc, and just the notion of celebratory feasts is enough to light up his entire being.


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This carries through from Persona 5 as Yusuke is the starving artist character, who spends all his limited money on art supplies and never leaves enough to sate his ravenous appetite. You’ll see his excitement about all things food dampened when he’s reminded he’ll need to pay for his share of things, but it’s nice to let him dream sometimes.

Arranged Marriage For Political Power

yoshiki directing marie on how to act like toshiro's fiance pwersona 5 tactica

When you first meet Haru Okumura during your introduction to everyone’s collective least-favorite dungeon in Persona 5, she’s decisively unhappy in an arranged marriage to a fiancé who treats her quite poorly. Before you get to know Haru too well, you learn that this marriage was arranged by her father to help him out monetarily and politically.

The same goes for Toshiro in Persona 5 Tactica, and Haru is just one of the Thieves who helps him escape from a similar situation. In reality, Toshiro is engaged to Marie so that their parents can siphon off one another’s money and political power, much like Haru had been before you saved her in P5.

Everyone Calls Morgana A Cat, Much To His Protest

toshiro teasing joker calling morgana a cat persona 5 tactica

It seems like every time you meet a new character or enter a new Kingdom in Persona 5 Tactica, you encounter someone who refers to Mona as a cat due to his outer appearance. Hell, you’ll even find some of the Phantom Thieves referring to him as a cat just to get a rise out of him.

This is a fun carry-over from Persona 5, where Morgana protests the entire game that he’s not sure exactly what he is, but he knows he’s not a cat. You learn he was indeed correct about that at the somber ending of Persona 5, but the joke carries over into Tactica as smoothly as ever.

Toshiro Initially Disagrees With The Phantom Thieves’ Message

toshiro talking about not liking the phantom thieves persona 5 tactica

This may not be as direct a reference to or callback from Persona 5, but it does offer an interesting bit of insight into how the events of P5 went down from the eyes of someone else. In Persona 5, we put ourselves into the shoes of the Phantom Thieves, anime high schoolers battling corrupt adults in the name of justice.

But we didn’t get that many adult perspectives on what was happening, and Toshiro is here at the beginning of P5T to shed some insight. So many adults roll their eyes when kids and teens try to take a stand, finding it to be immature and unnecessary, but we got to watch Toshiro discover on his own that the Phantom Thieves are the real deal, changing his mind by the end of the game.


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