How To Find And Catch Harlequin Hind In Dave The Diver

Here’s how to find and catch Harlequin Hind in Dave the Diver for Michael Bang’s Inspiration VIP mission.

Part of running Bancho Sushi in Dave the Diver involves your daily diving trips to catch different fish to serve to your customers. You’ll also have to undertake VIP missions, collecting specific fish and gathering certain ingredients to meet the demands of your high-priority guests.




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The VIP Michael Bang requests a dish that involves you finding and catching a few specific fish, including some Harlequin Hind, so if you’re having trouble finding this fish, let us break it all down for you right here.

Where To Find Harlequin Hind

Dave the Diver beside some Harlequin Hind which have been highlighted in an orange circle.

Harlequin Hind can be found in the Blue Hole Medium Depths between 50-130m, but only during the day. They are greeny blue fish with lime green horizontal stripes.

Beware of aggressive fish that you’ll encounter on the way to these depths and which could be lurking around your intended prey.

How To Catch Harlequin Hind

Dave the Diver catching a Harlequin Hind with a harpoon.

Harlequin Hind are not very large and are not aggressive, so they are very easy to catch. You can use your harpoon or even your knife to make short work of them.

If you want to ensure you catch 3-star Harlequin Hind, you can use net guns or tranquillizer darts to capture them completely unharmed.

Michael Bang’s Inspiration VIP Mission Requirements

The mobile phone list of missions in Dave the Diver.

The VIP mission that requires you to track down some Harlequin Hind is Michael Bang’s Inspiration. For this mission, you’ll need to collect the following fish and ingredients:



Where To Find

Titan Triggerfish


Blue Hole Shallows – 0-50m.

Harlequin Hind


Blue Hole Medium Depth – 50-130m.

Coral Trout


Blue Hole Medium Depth – 50-130m.

We have a full guide on how to catch Coral Trout here.



Obtained via the Vegetable Farm.

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