How To Get Out Of The Oubliette In BG3

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One location in act two of Baldur’s Gate 3 is Moonrise Towers. This is where The Absolute’s influence is most strongly felt so far, because underneath the tower is an eerie area where the Absolute’s domain has completely taken over. One of the sections of this area is called the Oubliette.




Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Reach Moonrise Towers

You might find yourself stuck in the Oubliette for several reasons. One is that you’ve jumped into the hole found in the Moonrise Towers Prison, or you ended up there after investigating the suspicious sounds. You might also be sent there if you try heading to Baldur’s Gate without completing act two. Thankfully, there’s a way out.

How To End Up In The Oubliette

The first area of the Oubliette from Baldur's Gate 3

There are three ways you can find yourself stuck in the Oubliette. The first way is to find the source of the suspicious sounds. Investigate the cracked wall found near the entrance to the tower, then reach in with your hand.

Depending on the choices you make, you may have a long encounter here with a major character. Afterward, you’ll be given an opportunity to leave. If you fail the checks or if you choose not to fight back, you’ll end up getting pulled into the Oubliette.

Another way to end up in the Oubliette is through the Moonrise Towers Prison. In cell number three, there’s a gaping hole in the floor. You can jump in without taking any damage, and you’ll find yourself in the Oubliette.

You can open the gate to cell number three by pulling the cell’s labeled lever in the warden’s office located in the center of the prison. You can also just teleport inside using Dimension Door or Misty Step.

A hole in Moonrise Towers Prison cell three in Baldur's Gate 3

You may also end up in cell number three if you are imprisoned for a crime. Just take note that if you are imprisoned, all your equipment will be taken from you. Think twice about jumping into the Oubliette if this is the case, because there are two hook horrors lurking around down there.

The third way to get to the Oubliette is by attempting to enter Baldur’s Gate without finishing act two. West of Moonrise Towers is a road that leads to Baldur’s Gate. The path there is through The Waning Moon and The House of Healing. You’ll find an army waiting along the road to Baldur’s Gate.

You can choose to press on or to head back to safety. Unfortunately, choosing to press on will only get you thrown into the Oubliette.

How To Escape From The Oubliette

Ending up in the Oubliette is not at all a waste of time. You’ll find some items here, including an illithid parasite you can absorb for additional powers. You’ll find the parasite on the corpse of Zealot Krizt along the west edge of the first area of the Oubliette.

Next to Zealot Krizt’s corpse is a membrane that you can attack to destroy. This will reveal a path to a small area with a goblin’s corpse. You can loot the goblin for some gold and then head back to where you landed. This time, you need to head east and up a couple of steps.

There’s an opening to a larger area, and you’ll find two hook horrors prowling about. You can kill them and loot hooks off their body, which can be used to craft Elixirs of Vigilance. By the entrance of this area is a dirt mound that you can dig. A chest containing varying items will be revealed.

If you don’t succeed the Survival check that supposedly reveals the dirt mound, you can just select your shovel from your inventory and pick the spot on the ground you’d like to dig.

To the south is a corpse of a civilian. Search this body as well for loot. Next, head towards the west to find an opening to another area. This is where you’ll find a cragged rock, which also serves as your exit from the creepy Oubliette.

Once you climb out, you’ll find yourself in a cave behind the Moonlight Tower Prison cells. This is where Wulbren and the others will pass through to get to the boat they can use to escape the Moonlight Tower Prison.

If you end up in this area behind the Moonlight Tower Prison cells before helping Wulbren and the others escape, you can go ahead and break the chains that are binding their escape boat to the dock.

You can also break the walls of the cells, so that the prisoners can get through. Make sure to free Wulbren first, because freeing the tieflings ahead of him this way will cause them to leave him behind.

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