The Best Boss Fights In Like A Dragon Gaiden


  • The hardest bosses include Homare Nishitani III, Kiyoshi Ugajin, Kunimitsu Samejima, Kosei Shishido, JUSTICE, Tetsu Amon, and Gai Amon. Prepare well and use different styles to defeat them.



While the story of Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name might be over in a flash, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to prove your combat skills against several bosses. While Kiryu is fighting to hide his identity, you’ll encounter some foes who will stop at nothing to destroy him.


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However, the hardest bosses in The Man Who Erased His Name won’t simply reveal themselves without a show of strength. The story bosses offer some of the best boss fights in the game, but most can’t compare to who awaits you for the hardest boss fight in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

9 Yuki Tsuruno

Yuki Tsuruno holds a fire poker in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

Tsuruno is the first decent challenge that Kiryu will face on this winding road of secrecy and deception. If you follow the basic combat tips of dodging and countering, then Tsuruno should offer a little challenge. If you’re used to face-tanking damage and simply healing it off, then you may struggle a bit here.

Unlike previous Like A Dragon games where you can easily heal off damage with a few items, this entry puts a significant strain on your resources. If you attempt to eat damage, heal, and return to swinging, you’ll likely run out of items fast.

The constant pause-then-heal cycle is tiresome, so it’s better to just focus on dodging, and then get in a few swings. This type of cautious approach will save you many trips to Poppo and should help against later bosses.

8 Homare Nishitani III

Homare Nishitani in Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

Nishitani makes himself known as one of the most off-the-wall characters in the game, and certainly one of the toughest bosses in Like A Dragon Gaiden. We find out that Nishitani’s cruelty is unmatched through the stories of his famous torture routines, and his behavior in combat reflects this.


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His first fight shouldn’t prove too challenging, but the final encounter with him offers a much more dangerous encounter against Nishitani and his clan. This all-out brawl also includes one other boss aside from Nishitani who is worthy of an even higher rank than this Patriarch.

7 Dan Brody

Dan Brody runs at Kiryu in Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Hardest Bosses Dan Brody.

Dan Brody is the first of the Four Kings of the Coliseum you’ll face, and easily the biggest joke of the four. Despite the tremendous amount of teasing he takes, don’t come into this battle unprepared, as all four of the kings can easily dispatch an overconfident challenger.

While Brody’s rematch is a joke, his first Hell Team Rumble match is a challenge, and forces you to get help against this rotund clown and his cronies. How this battle unfolds can be a bit RNG depending on your team’s AI behavior, but try to clear out the basic enemies ASAP, so your entire team can all gang up on Brody at once.

6 Kiyoshi Ugajin

Joryu and Kiyoshi Ugajin face off in Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

The so-called strongest of the Four Kings in Like A Dragon Gaiden, Kiyoshi Ugajin is actually far more straightforward of a fight than you might believe. Unlike some of the other kings, Ugajin will fight you one-on-one from the start and attack you with raw power.

If you level up your Attack stat as close to max Kiwami as possible, this fight – and all the Four King fights – will be significantly easier.

He packs quite a hit, so you’ll need to avoid taking his attacks as often as you can. If you take your time and stay in Yakuza Style, this fight should be a simple matter of hitting Ugajin a bunch more than he hits you.

5 Kunimitsu Samejima

Kunimitsu Samejima charges Joryu in Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

Kunimitsu Samejima is an incredibly annoying opponent because he possesses the same set of powerful Agent abilities that Kiryu has, and he uses them to perfection. Unlike Ugajin, Samejima is far less direct and will focus on keeping his distance from you.

The challenge is closing the distance between you and your opponent so that you can take big chunks of health out with each punch. Samejima has very little health, so if you’re able to catch up to him and use the superior damage per swing (DPS) of Yakuza Style, then Samejima will be beaten after a few cycles.

4 Kosei Shishido

Kiryu blocks a sword slash from Kyosei Shishido in Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

Your ally for the middle portion of the game, Shishido is an incredibly strong opponent and a difficult final boss encounter due to his seemingly never-ending health bars. Aside from his durability, Shishido will put your resilience to the test, forcing you to avoid his devastating attacks.


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By the end of the story, you should have plenty of great gear to choose from in either the Akame Shop, Mizorogi’s workshop, or Love Magic, so stock up before you enter the endgame. If you don’t have enough healing items on hand, you’ll have to play almost perfectly to outlast one of the hardest bosses in Like A Dragon Gaiden.


JUSTICE stands in its powerful armor in Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

Despite being the third of the Four Kings, JUSTICE is actually an incredibly difficult fight, offering a more difficult Hell Team Rumble than Dan Brody. These fights are incredibly RNG and teammate-dependent, so they can go very differently depending on how your allies’ AI is feeling.

However, if you can recruit Chicken Man or Keita Kuroyanagi, their SMGs will help to eliminate some of the RNG, making this fight easier. Essentially, you need to focus on JUSTICE because of his laser attack, but you will need as much damage as possible to do so. Clean out every one of JUSTICE’s cronies first and use Yakuza Style to finish off the fight.

2 Tetsu Amon

Tetsu Amon stands at the Coliseum Reception Desk in Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

Tetsu Amon is the Amon family’s combat-oriented robot, trained by the assassin clan in the art of killing. After you’ve beaten the Four Kings, completed every Platinum challenge in the Coliseum, and finished the Minamida Grand Prix, Tetsu Amon will present a six-round test against a series of robots.

Both Yakuza Style and Agent Style can provide significant benefits if you switch between them at the right moment.

These six rounds will be against robots that fight like previous final bosses in the series, so prepare for a trip down memory lane. Once the test is over, the real challenge is issued, where you must face off in a Hell Team Rumble match. This battle will be an even harder version of JUSTICE’s fight, so make sure your Coliseum Fighters are maxed out.

1 Gai Amon

Gai Amon stands beside the helipad in Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

Following the example set by the other Amon brothers, Gai Amon is the hardest boss in Like A Dragon Gaiden. You must upgrade all of your abilities and equip the best gear you can if you hope to have any chance of defeating Gai Amon.

Do not try to specialize in only one style for this fight, as you will make it unnecessarily difficult if you ignore your various damage options.

Bring tons of healing items, as Gai Amon puts every Agent gadget to incredible use, making each one a deadly weapon that you’ll need to be wary of.

The best way to beat Gai Amon is by mixing your styles up; countering his barrage of hornet drones with one of your own is an excellent way to initiate the battle. Once all the drones are gone, try to get in close with Yakuza Style to take chunks out of Amon’s health. Rinse and repeat to beat the hardest boss in Like A Dragon Gaiden.


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