How Does The Mushroom Boy Shop Work In Super Mario RPG?

Super Mario RPG has multiple secrets and shops that you can use during your adventure, making their unique items worth seeking out. As you get further into the game, you’ll eventually encounter the Mushroom Boy Shop, a place where you can swap the most common healing item for a chance to gain prizes.




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You won’t have immediate access to the shop, so you’ll need to know how to unlock it, where to find it, and how it works. You can visit the shop as you see fit and use an oversight to get something from every Mushroom you give to the shopkeeper.

How To Unlock The Mushroom Boy Shop

Mario visiting the Mushroom Boy Shop to give away his excess Mushrooms in Super Mario RPG.

The Mushroom Boy Shop is in Seaside Town, but you can’t go there until you finish the Sunken Ship dungeon.

You’ll return to town, watch some cutscenes, fight another boss, and then after the fight, you can enter the building in Seaside Town where the boss was keeping the townspeople during the cutscene.

If you go northeast of the inn, you’ll find another building with three doors. Go through the middle door, and you’ll see a toad with six spinning signs above him.

What Is The Mushroom Boy Shop?

Selecting the Rock Candy, which allows Mario to attack all enemies in combat in Super Mario RPG.

You can give Mushrooms to Mushroom Boy, which he’ll taste and determine the Mushroom type. Each type will yield a different result.

Mushroom Type


What It Does

Regular Mushroom


You lose a Mushroom.

Berry Mushroom

Maple Syrup

Restores 40 FP.

Rippin’ Mushroom

Rock Candy

Attack all enemies in combat.

Flower Mushroom

Flower Tab

Gain one FP permanently.

At this point in the game, you no longer need Mushrooms since you have better items and specials, so you should give them to Mushroom Boy. They’re only worth a few coins if you sell them, making the risk worth it.

If you’re playing on Normal Mode, you can only hold ten mushrooms at a time.

Switch to Breezy Mode in the menu before visiting Mushroom Boy, fast travel to Mario’s Pad, and bring all your Mushrooms back to Seaside Town.

Use Quick Saves To Never Waste A Mushroom

The save menu, with the Quick Save file highlighted to visit Seaside Town in Super Mario RPG.

If you don’t want to waste Mushrooms, you can use a save scumming reload trick since the Mushroom types are randomized.

  1. Enter the Mushroom Boy shop and give him a Mushroom.
  2. If you like the results, save at the inn and go back.
  3. If you don’t, immediately pause the game, go to Settings, and select Title Screen.
  4. Load your Quick Save File and repeat the steps.

When you use the Quick Save function, it will place you in front of the inn at first.

If you load your quick save again and go to the shop, the file will eventually catch up, and you can reload in the shop.


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