Starfied Player Beats The Game With Just Gun Bashing

Even though most modern RPGs like Cyberpunk 2077 and Tears of the Kingdom are designed with a heavy focus on exploration and telling interesting stories, you’ll always have a certain section of fans who try to beat them in the most ridiculous ways possible. Starfield fans are absolutely no exception, as one individual recently managed to complete the entire game by just gun bashing their enemies to death.



First shared by GamesRadar, a YouTuber by the name of Causal Loop put in the hard graft to find out whether you can actually get through Starfield’s main story by gun bashing, and it turns out you actually can. The only rules that Causal Loops set themselves was that all damage had to be dealt by gun bashing, no companions could join them on their journey unless required, and the difficulty had to be set to Normal.


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Starting with the Bounty Hunter for Piloting and Boost Pack Training skills for extra maneuverability, Causal Loop quickly dispatches some Space Pirates at the beginning of the game. Luckily for them, you can constantly gun bash in Starfield with no resources to manage, unlike in other Bethesda titles like Fallout 4 and Skyrim where gun and sword bashing used up AP and Stamina respectively.

What follows is a rather chaotic playthrough that consists of bludgeoning people to death, and grabbing powerful armor and health upgrades whenever possible to soak up the mountains of bullets and lasers flying around during combat. Causal Loop also rather luckily manages to find a pistol that does double gun bash damage and makes enemies drop more healing items upon death.

Other items that Causal Loop used to significantly improve their chances of survival were the Mantis Armor set, which automatically uses healing items when close to death, and the Brute Force shotgun. This handy weapon also deals double gun bash damage, and while it may be a little slower than Causal Loop’s speedy pistol bashes, it makes up for it in power. They also manage to grab a bunch of CQB-X, a handy Aid item that increases melee damage by 25 percent for five minutes.

We’ll keep the rest of the run a mystery to avoid spoilers, but what follows is a lot of gun bashing, medpack abusing, and pill popping to take down the avalanche of tough foes waiting in Starfield’s second half. It was almost derailed by the game’s final boss, but their run was successful, and proved that you can actually beat Starfield without firing a single bullet. Turns out, it’s just very tedious and not very fun.


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