Spooky Festival Scavenger Hunt Locations In Coral Island

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With so many festivals and mini-games in Coral Island, there’s always something to do with the community in Starlet Town. The festivals are the highlight of the season, bringing you closer to your neighbors and granting you a reprieve from your day-to-day operations on the farm. The Spooky Festival comes at the end of Fall, and mirrors many similarities to Halloween.




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With the Spooky Festival, one of the events is the scavenger hunt. There are no hints for you and no real instructions other than you need to find five items. While the items are undisclosed, our eye-opening guide can help!

How To Start The Scavenger Hunt

Spooky Festival in Coral Island-1

To start the Scavenger Hunt, you’ll need to attend the Spooky Festival at the end of Fall. As soon as you enter the festival, the hunt begins. There’s no time limit and no instructions to follow, so it can be a bit confusing.

The only tracker for the scavenger hunt is in your festival pamphlet, which lets you know that there are five items to find. However, what those items are is not said.

Keep your eyes peeled for strange objects in the festival area. It’s possible to interact with them before you even realize what they are.

You’re looking for wandering eyes; five of them to be exact. There are large red eyes with purple lids. You’ll see them looking around. All you have to do is pick them up to add them to your tracker.

The locations seem to be randomized, but we’ve included our year one locations to help you get ideas about where the eyes can be hidden.

Item One Location

Spooky Festival Scavenger Hunt Item 1 in Coral Island

The first eye can be found towards the center of the festival area, by the two fountains. To the right of the mermaid fountain, you’ll find one of the eyes on the ground. Go ahead and pick it up.

Item Two Location

Spooky Festival Scavenger Hunt Item 2 in Coral Island

The second eye can be found to the left of the big bubbling cauldron, next to a path of four pumpkins. Make sure to grab it.

Item Three Location

Spooky Festival Scavenger Hunt Item 3 in Coral Island

The third eye can be found in the graveyard. A few steps south of where Jim is, you’ll find the eye hiding behind a tombstone and a barrel. Pick it up to add it to your tracker.

Item Four Location

Spooky Festival Scavenger Hunt Item 4 in Coral Island

The fourth eye is located next to the pipe organ (next to the furniture store), beside the fire hydrant. Collect it and move on to the last item in the list.

Item Five Location

Spooky Festival Scavenger Hunt Item 5 in Coral Island

The final eye is location further south, between the Fishensips Tavern and the clinic. You’ll find it nestled between a lamp post and a bench on the ground. Grab it and head on back to the start.

How To Finish The Scavenger Hunt

Spooky festival scavenger hunt prize in Coral Island

To finish the scavenger hunt, return to the fountains and interact with the chest next to the scarecrow. You’ll open it and receive your reward: a pink diamond, which is a universal loved item.


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