The Best Team Compositions For Lynette In Genshin Impact

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A strong team can make all the difference when you’re playing Genshin Impact, and whether you’re playing through the story, exploring, or challenging the trickier endgame content, having a team that synergizes well can get you through it.




Genshin Impact: Best Builds For Lynette

Lynette is a four-star Anemo character in Genshin Impact, and here’s how you can easily build her.

Lynette is a character that you can get for free, which is a great advantage for team building. This Ousia-aligned unit is a fairly reliable reaction support, complete with a taunt system that can help with crowd control and reduce DMG taken, so at C6 she can be a valuable DPS in various teams.

Lynette’s Best Overall Team: Taser

An image split in four showing the drip art for Lynette, Fischl, Xingqiu, and Beidou from Genshin Impact.

Taser compositions have long been a fantastic option for scenarios where you need to fight multiple enemies. These teams will use Hydro and Electro to cause enemies to shock one another repeatedly.

Therefore, an Anemo unit can be invaluable in such teams to help extend the AoE of the reaction while simultaneously shredding enemies’ Elemental RES. That means a significant increase in both the quantity and quality of DMG dealt.

This team is fairly F2P friendly as it is composed of four-star units:

  • Lynette: DPS (on-field), Reaction Support
  • Fischl: DPS (off-field)
  • Xingqiu: Reaction Support
  • Beidou: DPS (off-field), Shielder (if C1)

However, it can also be considered a high-investment team because most of these units will need various constellations to perform better. Fischl and Lynette, for instance, are both units that want their C6 to become stronger and more versatile.

This team is mostly composed of off-field units and is heavily reliant on Elemental Burst DMG, so you need to make sure the energy requirements are properly addressed through character builds. With that said, the rotation is very simple:




Deploy Xinqiu’s Elemental Burst, which will grant consistent Hydro application for 15 seconds. Characters will have increased resistance to interruption and DMG reduction during this time.


Deploy Fischl’s Elemental Burst to have her take the shape of her familiar Oz, allowing you to fly straight into the fray and deal Electro DMG. Oz will remain on the field afterward, dealing Electro DMG to nearby opponents at intervals. You can also use Fischl by using her Elemental Skill first and then her Elemental Burst a few seconds later. This will cause Oz to remain on the field for much longer than if you just summon him through one or the other.


Deploy Beidou’s Elemental Burst as soon as she takes the field, this will create a Thunderbeast’s Targe around her; an Electro ring that will follow the active character for 15 seconds, launching bolts of Electro DMG to nearby enemies at one second intervals.


Deploy Lynette’s Elemental Burst to summon a Bogglecat Box. This will attract all enemies through its taunt mechanic, as well as deal one instance of Anemo DMG before it absorbs either Hydro or Electro and continuously fires a Vivid Shot of that corresponding element to nearby opponents at one-second intervals. While enemies are preoccupied with the Bogglecat Box, Lynette can use her normal attack to proc Electro-charged through the effect of Xingqiu and Beidou’s Bursts, aided by Oz.

You can include Kuki Shinobu in place of one of the two Electro DPS if you need a healer. She can proc Electro-charged just as well. However, the overall offensive capability of the team will decrease if a DMG dealer is replaced by an enabler/healer.

Lynette Vaporize Team

An image split in four showing the drip art for Tartaglia, Lynette, Bennett, and Xiangling from Genshin Impact.

In this team composition, Lynette will mainly serve as a Reaction Support to provide some instances of Swirl DMG and help spread out Vaporize. You ideally want to play her so that her Bogglecat Box Swirls with Hydro, which can be tricky at times, because this Vaporize composition is heavily Pyro-based with AoE attacks and Lynette’s Bogglecat Box prioritizes Pyro infusion over Hydro.

This is one of the many variations of the well-loved International team.

Nevertheless, the team in itself is a very standard Vaporize team, where Lynette mainly functions as an F2P replacement for the original Kazuha version of this team. The units for this composition are:

  • Tartaglia: Main DPS (on-field)
  • Bennett: Healer, Reaction Support
  • Xiangling: Sub DPS (off-field), Reaction Support
  • Lynette: Reaction Support

As another heavily Elemental Burst-based team composition, you should keep in mind that the energy requirements will be hard to balance at times. This is what one simple rotation for this team usually looks like:




Trigger his Elemental Burst to create an Inspiration Field where allies will either be buffed by a percentage of Bennett’s attack or be healed by a percentage of his HP, depending on whether their HP is above or below 70% when they step in the field. This field’s AoE will also give characters Pyro infusion.


Continue by triggering Xiangling’s Elemental Burst. The Pyronado lacks an internal CD, which means it can proc reactions repeatedly with no intervals in between. This makes the Pyronado an amazing reaction enabler.


Lynette is used to proc Swirl with her Elemental Burst. The Bogglecat Box instantly absorbs any element it comes into contact with, be it from allies’ elemental attacks or those of enemies.


He is the main DPS and on-field unit for this composition. Using his regular charged attacks with the bow will proc Vaporize on hit. However, playing Tartaglia requires some mastery over both his ranged form and melee form. Specifically, how to time the use of each of these so the long CD for his skill does not get in the way of your optimal performance.

To ensure Lynette Swirls with Hydro you can manually cause this by using her first and creating the infusion with Tartaglia, but it will cost you some valuable seconds.

Lynette Triple Anemo Team

An image split in four showing the drip art for Wanderer, Lynette, Faruzan, and a silhouette overlapped by the symbols for Pyro, Hydro, Electro and Cryo from Genshin Impact.

This team leverages Swirl by using three Anemo characters and a “flex” unit, which is simply a unit that wields any other element that reacts with Anemo. Through Swirl reactions, the Elemental RES of enemies is decreased, making it a perfectly offensive combination.

This composition is ideal for the following teammates:

  • Wanderer: Main DPS (on-field)
  • Lynette: Sub DPS (off-field)
  • Faruzan: Support
  • Flex Unit: Bennett, Kuki Shinobu, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Xingqiu, Raiden Shogun, etc.

The only downside of this team is that it needs a high-investment Faruzan. Otherwise, the DMG output of Anemo is greatly reduced.

This is another team composition that has high energy requirements due to being Elemental Burst dependent. The rotation is usually something like this:



Flex Character

This teammate will enable all elemental reactions for the duration of a cycle, so you essentially need good off-field applicators. In the case of characters like Xingqiu and Bennett, you will want to start out by casting their Elemental Burst. On the other hand, you have off-field applicators like Raiden Shogun, Furina, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Kuki Shinobu, etc. who can provide elemental applications through their Elemental Skill. In either case, you begin by casting the flex element.


Follow up with Lynette’s Elemental Burst. The Bogglecat Box will Swirl with the Element you previously cast either:

  • Immediately if cast after an AoE elemental attack.
  • After coming into contact with a different element through a hit.

Bogglecat Box will help further apply the element through its Vivid Shot.


Cast her Elemental Burst to deploy a Dazzling Polyhedron that moves in a triangular pattern over a certain AoE on the field. This Dazzling Polyhedron can both debuff enemies and buff allies. Her C6 grants an additional 40% Crit DMG to allies when they are under the effect of her burst, hence what makes it so crucial.


He is meant to be used as a standard DMG dealer who stays on the field for the remainder of the cycle. Using his Normal Attacks, Elemental Skill, and Elemental burst as much as possible is recommended.


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