Official Sonic Artwork Shows What Super Eggman Would Look Like

Official Sonic the Hedgehog artwork that’s just been shared on Sonic Channel has shown off a version of Doctor Eggman that somehow has access to a Super form after using the Phantom Ruby.



Although the first Sonic the Hedgehog made Super Sonic out to be the ultimate final reward for the blue blur and an unbelievable power that only our main man Sonic had, that has very quickly been proven wrong. Not only have other hedgehogs like Shadow and Silver been given near-identical Super forms, but pretty much all of Sonic’s pals have their own alternative to it, whether it be a “Hyper” form or the ultra-specific “Burning” form for Blaze.


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As it turns out, though, it’s not just Sonic’s friends who are being given access to ultimate power at the drop of a hat – it’s also his enemies too. As pointed out by Twitter user GamesCage_, Sega just revealed some new official Sonic artwork that, while seemingly non-canon, suggests that Eggman can somehow gain access to a Super form using the Phantom Ruby.

The art was first shared over on Sonic Channel, who explained that it’s part of their “Otherworld Comedy” series and therefore seemingly not canon. The artwork shows Super Sonic going up against a golden version of Eggman who now has a glowing moustache and the ability to fly thanks to the power of Sonic Mania’s Phantom Ruby.

Most characters who have a Super form simply glow golden or sparkle a bit, but Superstars newcomer Trip actually turns into a dragon for her final form. Let’s see Eggman do that in an otherworld story.

Sonic Channel described this version of Eggman as having “fierce power” and that the battle between him and Sonic is actually taking place in Station Square from Sonic Adventure. Talk about a massive bit of Sonic the Hedgehog fan service! Next you’ll be telling me that Tails Doll is the one that orchestrated the whole thing.

The Sonic Channel post also says that their battle was started thanks to Eggman showing “unprecedented anger at a slight misunderstanding”, which fans are supposed to make up a story for. My headcanon is that he had no idea he could do this until now and is realising how much time and money he could have saved by finding the Phantom Ruby.

Although Sonic Channel makes it clear that this is just a non-canon bit of fun, it does suggest that there’s some universe out there where Eggman can harness a power similar to Sonic’s and go toe-to-toe with him. Judging by the positive response from fans, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


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