How To Beat Foxian Dream Illusion In Honkai: Star Rail

If you want to save Huohuo in Foxian Dream, you’ll have to use Mr. Tail and get people from her past back in Honkai: Star Rail.

Once you finish the main story of The Xianzhou Luofu in Honkai: Star Rail, you can start doing the Trailblaze Continuance quests on the planet. One of these quests is called A Foxian Tale of the Haunted, and you get to meet Huohuo in this as you go on the hunt for various Heliobi.




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These quests take you on a journey to seal Heliobi from various parts of The Xianzhou Luofu, but the final quest in the series will have you deal with a Heliobus that possessed Huohuo herself. If you want to save her, you’ll have to get Tail’s help to enter her illusion.

How To Bring People Back To Huohuo

The quest starts off with you talking to Cirrus where she tells you that Huohuo has already been possessed by a powerful Heliobus. You head over to her location where Hanya reveals that she had Mr. Tail all along. Next, Tail will enter Huohuo’s realm of illusion created by the Heliobus to save her.

After having a few sad dialogues, you’ll get to control Tail as you try to bring Huohuo’s mother and classmates back to her. As soon as you start controlling him, head outside the main room and enter the door on your right marked by the yellow marker. You can then follow these steps to put an end to the illusion:

  • Take your first right on the other side and then the first left to reach Huohuo’s mother. Possess her and take her back through the same path by using the yellow switch on the way.
  • Once you bring her to Huohuo, head back on the path and go through the left door with a cyan-colored flame on it this time.
  • Past this door, you’ll find two doors with the same flames on it in succession. Head inside the second door first and possess the first classmate.
  • Now, use this classmate to activate the switch in the room he was in and the room blocking the other classmate.
  • Finally, possess the second classmate and bring them both back to Huohuo.

Once you bring everyone back, there will be a bunch of dialogue with a cool cutscene at the end to finish the quest.


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