Super Mario RPG Remake Reveals A Hidden Final Fantasy Reference No One Noticed

The Super Mario RPG remake’s improved graphics have revealed an easter egg that was barely noticeable in the original game.

It turns out that Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has been hiding a reference to Final Fantasy 6 all these years, but it’s one that’s only noticeable thanks to the remake’s updated graphics.



If the Super Mario RPG remake is your first time playing through the game like it was mine, you might be surprised at just how many easter eggs and references it manages to cram into its relatively short 10-hour playtime. From references to the conspicuously absent Luigi to an item I probably don’t want to describe that can be found in Peach’s room, there are a lot of gags from the original release of the game that have been carried over to the remake.

Not all of the original game’s jokes and easter eggs have been kept for the remake, however. Just ask Bruce Lee, who apparently doesn’t exist in the Mario universe anymore.


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If you thought that Super Mario RPG couldn’t possibly have any more easter eggs hidden away in it, then boy do I have news for you, as the remake’s updated visuals have actually revealed that the original game was hiding a reference to Final Fantasy 6 in it all along. As spotted by GameXplain, that easter egg can be found in the lobby of Booster’s Tower, one of the first big locations that Mario and the gang go to during their adventure.

Once you get to Booster’s Tower, head over to the desk that can be found in the middle of the room, which usually has a Shyster standing behind it. If you take a close look at the desk, you can see that there’s a statue of a Magiteck armour from Final Fantasy 6 sitting there. This was actually in the original game, but it was so blurry and pixelated that it was hard to definitively call a reference to Final Fantasy 6.

This easter egg makes a lot of sense considering Square Enix (then known as Squaresoft) developed the game. It’s also not the only Final Fantasy reference in Super Mario RPG, as Culex’s boss theme is actually a remixed version of the Final Fantasy 4 final boss theme. It’s nice to see so much love between Square and Nintendo.


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