How To Unlock The How To Tune Your Banjo Quest In My Time At Sandrock

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The deserts and mountain regions in My Time At Sandrock can be a lonely place when you’re out hunting for new resources and ruins to explore, and so can those desert nights. Much like real life, maybe you want a furry friend to accompany you out, or just to be there for you when you come home.




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Whether you want a companion when exploring, company at home, or a small friend who can look for items, you’re in luck. We’ll show you how to make friends and later adopt one of the animal residents of Sandrock that are searching for a good home.

How To Craft An Animal House

Player character in their worktable and about to craft an Animal House with Hardwood Planks and Basic Leather in My Time At Sandrock.

The ability to craft an Animal House is unlocked during Elsie’s quest, How To Tune Your Banjo, which becomes available after you’ve completed In Trusses We Trust and Mint Condition.

Elsie will ask you to craft an Animal House for a stray cat named Banjo that her family attempted to take in, give you a diagram for it, and ask you to place it down in Sandrock so that Banjo can have a home.

Once you complete the quest, you’ll unlock the ability to adopt a pet of your choosing provided you’ve placed an Animal House in your yard for them.

Pets can be sent on missions to gather materials for you. In fact, this is one of the best ways to stockpile extra Water!

What Pets Are Available?

Player character speaking to Macchiato inside Sandrock Apartments while Banjo sleeps on the carpet nearby in My Time At Sandrock.

There are six animals available to adopt, with five of them available in the base game, and one of them being an optional DLC purchase:

  • Banjo the cat.
  • Macchiato the cat.
  • Nemo the dog.
  • Coco the pig-nosed owl.
  • Meerkat the meerkat, after completing Elsie’s quest, Big Game Hunter.
  • Gecko the gecko, from the Lil’ Gecko DLC.

How To Adopt A Pet

Player character interacting with Banjo the cat and preparing to gift them a Large Sandcarp in My Time At Sandrock.

To adopt a pet, you’ll have to reach a certain relationship level with them.

Both adoptable and non-adoptable animals have their own relationship bar in the Social tab in your menu, and have seven levels of friendship you can achieve with them. Talking to them each day and gifting them liked items increases your relationship with them, just like befriending the human inhabitants of Sandrock.

Once you reach the relationship level of Buddy or higher with your intended pet, and have an Animal House placed in your yard, you’ll see the option to adopt the animal when interacting with them.

You can adopt all six available pets as long as you have enough Animal Houses for them all.

If you purchase the Lil’ Gecko DLC, the Gecko will already be your pet and you’ll be provided with a unique Animal House for it – you will not need to develop a friendship with the Gecko beforehand.


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