What Are Special Enemies In Super Mario RPG?

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Super Mario RPG has plenty of surprises for you to experience, such as hidden blocks, unique enemy designs, and a fun story. Sometimes, when you fight foes, one might be a special enemy, so you’ll naturally wonder what makes them appear and how they’re different since they weren’t in the original game.




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These enemy types can be intimidating and quickly wipe your party, but their rewards make them a tempting option among the regular foes, but is the risk worth it? You’ll want to understand what they offer, how to defeat them, and how to find them so you can make your characters stronger.

What Are Special Enemies?

Mario and Mallow fighting against a Special Enemy known as a Rat Funk in Super Mario RPG.

Special enemies look and function the same as regular enemies, except they’re labeled as special because they deal more damage and have more health.

Even though you can’t identify these foes on the map, they can spawn in any area with enemies, so don’t mash A through the battles: pay attention to who you’re fighting.

You’ll get more experience, coins, and a Frog Coin when you defeat them. That means if you run into one, you should always fight them, even if you think you may not win.

The game auto-saves often, so you have minimal risk, losing a few minutes at most.

You can fight them to farm Frog Coins if you don’t want to play the Midas River mini-game. Just run around one of the early maps, like Mushroom Way or Bandit’s Way, and keep running into foes until you find a special enemy.

If you want to level up or get coins, go to the strongest enemies available since they’ll provide more. If none are special enemies, visit another zone, then return later.

How Difficult Are Special Enemies?

Mario and Mallow fighting against three Spikeys with one of them as a Special Enemy in Super Mario RPG.

If an enemy takes one or two hits to defeat, you can expect these versions to take four to six. They can defeat one of your party members in about two hits, so they feel more like mini-bosses.

While they can be challenging, you can quickly drain their health with single-target attacks like Jump or Fireball. Always prioritize the special enemy first since they’ll likely be with other foes, so you can squash the others without taking massive damage.

If you have a Triple Move ready, use that since it can potentially one-shot the foe with minimal risk.


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