The Best Towns In Super Mario RPG


  • Towns in Super Mario RPG add depth and character to the game’s world, making you care about the locations you visit and their inhabitants.
  • Each town has its own unique charm, from the positive vibe and wedding theme of Marrymore to the tropical tone and high-energy music of Tadpole Pond.
  • Yo’ster Isle is a paradise filled with Yoshis and fun mini-games, while Moleville stands out with its mining theme and unique environment at the top of a mountain.



One of the underappreciated aspects of any RPG is the town you visit. While the bosses give you engaging challenges and the party members intrigue you with their stories, the locations you visit and their inhabitants help you care about the world.


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Super Mario RPG is no different, with many settlements that Mario and his companions visit. From Rose Town’s nature-filled beauty to the relaxing isolation of Yo’ster Isle, Mario’s world feels vibrant and alive with these unique locations. So, let’s look through each of these towns and see what they have to offer.

9 Marrymore

Mario Standing Next To The Wedding Chapel

Located in the Moleville region, Marrymore is a quant settlement on the side of a mountain. The town has a positive vibe, featuring a lovely inn and a large wedding chapel. Marrymore also serves as the setting for the climax of Booster’s arc during the story, having one of the funnier boss fights as you must defeat his evil wedding cake.

While you won’t spend much time in Marrymore outside the chapel, the town still receives some characterizations from its populace, who are all itching to get married. The name says it all.

8 Tadpole Pond

Mario Looking At A Group Of Tadpoles

As Mallow’s first home before discovering his true heritage, Tadpole Pond is a sweet place. Though fairly standard in appearance, it is home to one of Super Mario RPG’s only shops for Frog Coins, making it a place you’ll frequent if you need to stock up on exclusive items. What truly makes Tadpole Pond unique is the music in this location.

The soundtrack of Tadpole Pond is a high-energy number that features trumpets and a steel pan. The tropical tone suits the area and explains Mallow’s affinity for cymbals. The Toad conductor forming melodies also adds a unique charm to the location.

7 Yo’ster Isle

A Group Of Yoshi's Running A Race

It’s hard to go wrong with a settlement full of Yoshis. Isolated from the mainland is Yo’ster Isle, a paradise for the Yoshis to relax, eat cookies, and race the day away. You can even participate in these races by riding on the green Yoshi against others.


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This minigame, while simple, adds so much charm to this location. Alongside that is the baby Yoshi, who can be fed until it becomes massive. Yo’ster Isle even has a mini antagonist in Boshi, a blue Yoshi with shades who has been hoarding all the cookies for himself. With Mario’s help, though, Yoshi puts a stop to this.

6 Moleville

Mario Talking to A Mole With A Pink Bow

Moleville, a settlement near the top of a mountain, is a mining town. One thing that makes this town stand out is its environment. Since it is so high up, there is almost no nature, which helps it stand out against the lush environments you’ll visit.

The residents of Moleville are, no surprise, moles. Considering toads tend to inhabit most of these locations, it adds more to the uniqueness. Its most notable attraction is the Minecart minigame, allowing Mario to earn coins on a Minecart course. You can pay ten coins to play or wager 30 and win 50 if you’re fast enough.

5 Mushroom Kingdom

Mario Standing Outside The Item Shop

The Mushroom Kingdom is the first town you’ll visit, and it immediately makes a good impression. The best way to describe the Mushroom Kingdom is comfortable with cobblestone walkways and various toads wishing you well. It perfectly immerses you into this world, making you feel like Mario. As the home to Princess Peach, you’d expect the town to have some royal elements.

The music covers this aspect with several cymbal crashes and a melody that invokes a royal parade. The Mushroom Kingdom has seen many renditions, and this is one of the most lively.

4 Monstro Town

Mario Standng In Front Of Multiple Doors

As the name might suggest, Monstro Town is a home for multiple monsters throughout the game. While characters like Goombas, Terrapins, and Huhwhats attack Mario, not all members of the species are aggressive. Some of them have relocated to this town, which gives Monstro Town a feeling of acceptance.

As if anybody, no matter who you are, could live here. Monstro Town isn’t simply a place for retired baddies. It is home to two boss encounters. This includes the dojo master, Jynx, and the secret boss, Culex, who is a reference to the Final Fantasy series.

3 Seaside Town

Mario Surrounded By Zombie Toads

Seaside Town is a coastal location with a beautiful view. Next to the ocean, Seaside Town fully captures the environment of this type of location in its music. A poppy piano track mixed with woodwinds gives the impression of summer on a beach. This amplifies the resort aesthetic to create an area that is a joy to be in.


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The storyline of Seaside Town makes it a memorable location as well, encountering Jhonny and his crew in a sunken ship, only to learn he isn’t a bad guy.

2 Rose Town

Mario Standing Behind A Wooden Sign

While several towns feature greenery, Rose Town is the most beautiful. It is set on the edge of the Forest Maze and covered in flowers and trees.

The pale pinks add a nice bit of color. The music matches this bright tone with an upbeat composition that makes you feel accomplished after saving the town. The town may be simple, but that doesn’t draw away from the beauty of an area so entwined with nature.

1 Nimbus Land

Nimbus Land is a settlement in the clouds and Mallow’s true home. Taking inspiration from the cloud-themed levels in Super Mario platformers, Nimbus land feels like a dream, with bean stocks everywhere and golden statues adorning the palace.

This larger-than-life appearance is contrasted by the simple beauty of the houses the populace live in. Inhabiting simple homes made from wood, Nimbus Land perfectly blends these two identities. The music of Nimbus Land is top-notch as well, with a melody carried by a flute that perfectly embodies the light feeling of living in the clouds.


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