Death Stranding 2 Launching In 2025, According To Artist

Death Stranding 2 could launch in 2025, according to one of the game’s artists. This comes from the artist’s online portfolio, where they list Death Stranding 2 – one of the many projects they’ve worked on – as a 2025 release, perhaps indicating that we’ll get an official release date soon.



Depending on when in 2025 it launches, this could put the gap between sequels at six years, so Death Stranding 2 would have certainly enjoyed a lengthy development cycle. Kojima Productions is yet to respond to this potential leak though, so it’s not clear if this 2025 release window is accurate.


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This release date listing was spotted by ResetEra user Red Kong XIX. They haven’t shared the name of the artist, but they say that they have appeared in the credits of the games they list on the ArtStation portfolio.

Death Stranding was the first game developed and launched by Kojima Productions, following Hideo Kojima’s very public and controversial exit from Konami. The studio certainly takes its time on games, as Death Stranding 2 will only be their second release, outside of the re-release of the first game.

One complicating matter here is that, according to the original poster, the artist works for a third party that works alongside Kojima Productions. With this in mind, it’s not clear if they would actually have been made aware of the currently unannounced release date, so 2025 may be a guess on their part, rather than confirmation.

Still, it could very well be legit, as the release window does seem feasible. Some may be disappointed that we’re not getting the highly anticipated sequel sooner, but with how long game development cycles are taking this generation, it’s a treat to know that we might see it in this half of the decade.

We have The Game Awards coming up soon, so it might not be long at all until these rumours are put to rest. Perhaps we’ll get a proper release date at the December 7 showcase, or at least confirmation that it will be with us at some point in 2025. Still, some more hopeful fans might be crossing their fingers for a date that’s a little closer than that, so we’ll have to wait and see what Kojima Productions is cooking right now. Presumably, it doesn’t have too much going on to distract itself from the sequel, anyway, so who knows?


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