Lego’s Super Mario 64 Question Block Is On Sale For Black Friday

Leading the video game industry for almost 40 years, there has never really been a time since he was first introduced that Mario’s popularity has dropped in any significant way. It has peaked from time to time though, and we may currently be living through an era where Mario is a bigger deal than ever. Between a billion-dollar movie and some of the best Mario games to date, the little plumber’s face is everywhere, including on a growing collection of Lego sets, some of which are available for less this Black Friday weekend.




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If you’re new to the Lego world of Super Mario, then you can find a pretty great offer on starter sets over at our toys and collectibles Black Friday hub. If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, then you’ll want to head to the link below. That’ll take you to the Amazon page for the Lego Super Mario 64 Question Block set which is currently on sale for a lot less than usual.

super mario 64 question block lego set

Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block Lego Set

$140 $200 Save $60

A big Lego question block with miniature recreations of levels from the iconic Super Mario 64.

Added to the Lego Super Mario collection following the success of the initial, simpler sets, the Question Block appears to be nothing more than, well, a Question Block at first. However, open it up and there are Lego replicas of instantly recognizable Super Mario 64 levels hidden inside. On top of the set including tiny versions of some of the characters from the iconic game, there are also hidden stars for your regular Lego Mario characters to find and interact with if you have any.

There are a lot of enticing deals on substantial Lego sets this Black Friday, and they’re not all connected to Mario. The Spider-Man Daily Bugle set is more than $100 cheaper than usual, and Marvel’s massive Hulkbuster set is also on sale again. That last one has become an Amazon sale day tradition at this point, but since it’s so expensive the rest of the year, the set usually sells out pretty quickly.

It’s not just Lego sets that are available for less this weekend, of course. We have hubs dedicated to all things even remotely related to gaming being updated regularly. Whether you’re looking for Magic cards or Xbox games, we’ve got deals for you.


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