Get Up To $400 on iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung S23 Ultra, And More

Black Friday 2023 is finally here, folks, and let us tell you, it’s a real treat, especially if you’re eyeing a new smartphone. Our friendly neighborhood e-commerce stores are going all out on their discounts, and not just on the peanut gallery stuff. We’re talking massive discounts on flagship models too.




Black Friday 2023 Deals For Gamers

Check out our curated list of gaming deals for Black Friday!

And by massive, we mean as much as 400-freaking-big-ones. So, whether you’re team iOS, Android fanatic, or just someone who likes to shop a lot, do yourself a favor and browse the sales. Take it from a tech head, these Black Friday 2023 phone deals are just too good to pass up.

Android Deals

Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8

$609 $759 Save $150

Check out the Google Pixel 8. A blend of stunning visuals, top-notch performance, and advanced camera features, all packed into a sleek design. It’s the perfect tech companion for those who value both style and substance in a smartphone.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google Pixel 8 Pro

$979 $1179 Save $200

Experience the pinnacle of smartphone technology with the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Featuring a stunning 6.7-inch display, advanced triple-camera system, and powerful Google Tensor G3 processor, it’s designed for those who demand excellence in performance,

Google really knocked it out of the park with their latest flagships, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. These things are super awesome, and you should totally check them out. Let’s start with the regular Pixel 8. It’s got a 6.2-inch screen that looks super sharp and colorful thanks to the OLED display. It’s just the right size to fit nicely in your hand and pocket. Plus, the screen adjusts its refresh rate up to 120Hz to make everything scroll smoothly.

Under the hood, it’s powered by Google’s own Tensor G3 chip which keeps everything fast and fluid when jumping between apps or doing intense stuff like gaming, with zero lag, btw. You also get 8 GB of RAM, which definitely helps with all that quick switching.

Now the Pixel 8 Pro steps things up a notch with a bigger 6.7-inch display at a crazy high resolution. We’re talking gorgeous, crisp visuals here. You could say it’s almost overkill, but in sort of a good way. The Pro also has a triple camera setup on the back with a standard, ultrawide, and telephoto lens. So you’ve got all kinds of options for shooting.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

$900 $1200 Save $300

Featuring a brilliant 6.8-inch AMOLED display, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra redefines the premium smartphone experience with its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and a revolutionary 200 MP quad-camera system.

Samsung Galaxy Flip 5

Samsung Galaxy Flip 5

$920 $1120 Save $200

With features like a foldable 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, and dual 12 MP cameras, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 merges elegance with performance. Plus it looks really cool.

Samsung’s new Galaxy phones pack some nice upgrades. The S23 Ultra has a big, sharp screen that’s great for movies. With that Snapdragon chip and 12 gigs of RAM under the hood, man, does this thing fly! But the cameras…that’s where Samsung flexed hard. A bonkers 200MP main sensor? With that telephoto periscope and ultrawide lens too, you can basically shoot pro-tier photography and video without carrying heavy gear. Whether you’re zooming way in or going wide, the S23 Ultra has you handled.

Okay, now onto the Galaxy Z Flip 5. First of all, how amazing is that foldable design? Unfold it, and you’ve got a big, beautiful 6.7-inch display, perfect for watching stuff. Then fold it up, and it becomes ultra-portable, and slick enough to slip into a pocket. Oh, and, the same blazing fast Snapdragon processor keeps it humming along nicely. If we’re keeping it real, the Flip 5 cameras may not match the S23 Ultra‚Äôs ridiculous specs, but they make up for it with versatility. That 12MP wide and ultrawide combo lets you easily capture both standard and larger scale shots.

iPhone Deals

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

$990 $1200 Save $210

Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, redefines smartphone excellence with its advanced features. Boasting a 6.7-inch LTPO Super Retina XDR OLED display, it delivers stunning visuals at a resolution of 1290 x 2796 pixels.

Apple iPhone 15

Apple iPhone 15

$733 $930 Save $197

The all-new iPhone 15 upgrades on previous Apple base units, sporting the A16 Bionic chip for speed and stability, an advanced dual-camera system for great shots, and all-day battery life.

Apple brought some solid upgrades with the new iPhone 15 lineup. Let’s start with the regular 15. It keeps that classic iPhone design we know, just with a faster chip, improved cameras, and new satellite emergency features. The screen is sharp as ever at the usual six inches. And the A16 chip plus 6 gigs of RAM means it can handle some pretty demanding apps without breaking a sweat. On the camera side, Apple definitely juiced up the sensors and lenses. That 48MP main camera paired with the ultrawide lens lets you shoot crisp, detail-packed photos and 4K video.

Now the 15 Pro Max, that’s where Apple went balls to the wall. We’re talking a big 6.7-inch display, made of titanium, and still remaining slim. The always-on display is handy for at-a-glance info as well. Under the hood you get an efficient A17 chip. Combined with 8 GB of RAM, this thing absolutely chews through mobile games, edits high-res video, you name it. A true portable workhorse.

Well there you have it folks, some of the hottest Black Friday mobile picks this year. As we move towards the weekend, we’re sure there’s a lot more to come, so keep your eyes peeled for more deals. In the meantime, happy shopping!

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