RoboCop: Rogue City – Skills You Should Upgrade First

In addition to being a first-person shooter with chaotic action reminiscent of the best the genre had to offer in the mid-2000s, RoboCop: Rogue City also features heavy RPG elements. You take on side quests in various hubs and earn experience to level up the titular character. Each skill not only upgrades your stats but also gives you various perks.




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Read below to figure out which of these skills are the best to upgrade first. Your opinion might differ a little bit, but these skills generally focus on the action component of the game, since later encounters can become challenging if your stats are not up to snuff.

There are four separate difficulty levels in RoboCop: Rogue City. If you are playing on the easiest difficulty and want to focus on story and exploration, the Scanning, Psychology, and Deduction Skills might want to be your focus and the game will be easy enough that combat encounters won’t give you trouble either way.

6 Vitality

Increases Max Health

Aiming at a wall with a blue neon light

1st Perk

Recharge Health With Fuse Boxes

2nd Perk

Fuse Boxes Recharge All Health

3rd Perk

Health Automatically Recharges to 75%

Since players move like a walking talk (like RoboCop should), you will be soaking up bullets throughout the campaign. This makes increasing your max health vital to avoiding constant gameovers. Recharging health with fuse boxes is also a great way to save on the health packs you collect.

Even when maxed out, you need to be smart in combat and know when to be aggressive and when to keep your distance. Also, having more health just lets you play around more in combat and have a little more fun getting up close and personal with adversaries.

5 Focus

Increases How Long Slow Motion Lasts

 aiming at armored guard with assault rifle

1st Perk

Activate Slow Motion At-Will

2nd Perk

Doubles Critical Damage

3rd Perk

Kills In Slow Motion Increase The Skill’s Duration

Action in Rogue City is fast despite how slow you move. This makes slow motion an important cooldown perk to have in your back pocket. It gives you more time to line up shots without receiving a barrage of bullets from foes. Just keep in mind that you also shoot in slow motion, so assault rifles won’t be quite as useful.

However, later in the game when you get a sniper rifle the skill is great for picking off baddies from far away. Most guns have great range so you can no-scope from long distances even with your side-arm (which has infinite ammo).

4 Armor

Decreases Damage Taken

Aiming at ED-209

1st Perk

Temporarily Reduces Damage By 80%

2nd Perk

Heavy Weapons Damage Reduced By 25%

3rd Perk

Small Arms Fire Ricochets Off Armor

Combining this skill with Vitality is a surefire way to turn RoboCop into the walking tank that he was always meant to be. The first perk is a particularly important boost for heavy firefights and bosses. ED-209, for example, quickly makes mince meat out of you if you stand out in the open.

Activate this perk (which works on a cooldown) and you can move from cover to cover without taking significant damage. The perk is also good for reaching weapons out in the open if the weapon you want drops from enemies you just killed.

3 Engineering

Grants Bonuses To Chip Modifications

Chip Modification Menu Rogue City

1st Perk

A Dash Move

2nd Perk

Unlock Safes And Reprogram Turrets

3rd Perk

Reduced Dash Cooldown

A couple of hours into the game you unlock the ability to give yourself different chips. On these chips are boards you adjust with stat modifying bonuses (or detriments if you’re not careful). This is why the Engineering skill is important; it boosts the customizable nature of the stats.

The best part about the chip modifications is your ability to change them on the fly. The Dash move shouldn’t be dismissed either, since it allows you to close the distance between you and enemies with ease and precision. Then, you can grab them and throw them into another enemy for a quick kill.

2 Combat

Increases Your Damage

RoboCop Rogue City Grenade Launcher

1st Perk

Temporarily Stun Nearby Enemies

2nd Perk

Punches Reload All Weapons

3rd Perk

Shockwave Kills Nearby Enemies

This one is important but it can wait a little bit. The first half of the game is mostly spent fighting human enemies who don’t have a lot of health. Only when you get towards the latter half of the game do new enemy types start becoming bullet sponges.


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Be sure to have at least a couple of points allocated here by the time you reach the Not Over Yet mission (it’s the 13th main quest). This is when you start fighting against robots with more health and heavier weapons. You will want to be powerful to take them out as quickly as possible.

1 Deduction

More Experience Points From Notes

Rogue City Detroit

1st Perk

Scanning Reveals More Useful Information

2nd Perk

Map Is Marked With More Information

3rd Perk

Gain 30% More EXP.

Of course, you always have to pay attention to the skill that gives you more experience points. That way, you end up with more skill points to upgrade other skills with by the end of the game. Rogue City doesn’t let you just rack up more experience points without effort, though.

You still have to keep an eye out for notes. The Deduction skill is ultimately great for players both interested in combat in exploration. The more you explore, the more experience points you get which will greatly assist you in battle.


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