The Best One Piece Anime Openings

There’s nothing quite as exciting as an anime opening (or OP). These beautiful sequences sell you on the product you’re about to consume and encapsulate the best aspects of that piece of media. An animation team can elevate these sequences into beautiful works of storytelling with expert shot composition, directing, and animation.



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A song that matches the expected emotion helps as well. One Piece openings excel at this with various incredible openings that have stood the test of time. From the iconic We Are to the emotional One Day, come aboard and find out which of One Piece’s openings is the best.

10 Highest Point

Closing Out The Land Of Wano

Luffy Smiling While Falling

As the finale of the Wano arc of the series, Highest Point is a visual pleasure. Beginning with a simple scroll that has an inked circle, and we’re reminded of just how far the characters have come with a run-through of the most significant battles during this arc.

The simplicity is dropped once Luffy bursts through the inked circle, laughing as he floats blissfully around. This opening oozes joy as the rest of the shots showcase various characters enjoying themselves now that Kaido has been defeated. The uplifting music furthers this joy, making it hard not to smile while listening to Highest Point.

9 Kaze Wo Sagashite

How Far Luffy Will Go

One thing One Piece openings excels at is showcasing the friendship of the Strawhat Pirates. This is clear at the beginning of Kaze wo Sagashite. We see the Strawhats enjoying their time, surrounded by animals in almost a dream-like sequence. From Robin wiping the floor with Zoro in a game to Chopper conducting Brook and several animals in a band, it all exudes charm.

However, the opening doesn’t just show this to be cute, as it contrasts this with visuals of Luffy’s current predicament. Separated from his crew, he races through the most brutal prison in the world to save his brother, Ace. The opening shows each level as Luffy’s pace quickens. Luffy’s always been reckless, and this sequence demonstrates how far he’ll go.

8 Share The World

Where It All Fell Apart

The Straw Hat Pirates Standing On A Sea Chart

Despite the high energy of the song, Share The World is the beginning of the end for the Strawhat Pirates, and this opening leverages that for its imagery. The opening makes it a point to showcase the crew’s bond in several scenes. Fighting the Pacifista, rescuing Luffy from drowning, and sailing from the Marines demonstrate their closeness, which sets us up for their tragic fall.

The second half of this OP contrasts this unity with teasing of Luffy’s separation, as he is alone for the rest of the scenes. Mix in some foreshadowing of his meeting with Boa and the danger Ace is in, and you have a grade-A opening.

7 We Are! (Remix)

New Tune, Same Heart

Vivi Raising Her Fist While Crying

A remix of the first opening, this new rendition of We Are acts as a look back on everything the Strawhats had done up to Thriller Bark. Showing us an entire sequence of every ally they’ve met, and the enemies they’ve beaten, shows how far this crew had come to that point.

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Princess Vivi’s goodbye ending this walk through memory lane as the crew sails on Going Merry is perfect. We’re then brought back to the present as we get exciting teases for future plot points, such as the Strawhats fighting a giant, Ace fighting Blackbeard, and Brook possibly joining the crew.

6 Kokoro No Chizu

Foreshadowing A Fight

Chopper Falling Towards The Earth

In an intelligent use of continuity, Kokoro No Chizu uses the ending of the previous arc as the beginning of this opening. Seeing the personality of each Strawhat as they fall from Skypea towards the Blue Sea is a visual treat. This beautiful sequence being closed off by the Going Merry landing in the water is a pure spectacle.

The rest of the opening features striking action shots that establish the threat of the coming arc. However, one thing the opening does well is subtle foreshadowing by having Usopp be separated from his crewmates while they’re sailing, setting up his fight with Luffy, and leaving the crew.

5 Hope

Facing The Past

Sanji Crying In The Rain

Given that Whole Cake Island is entirely about Sanji, this opening gives him the spotlight throughout. Small things, like seeing him separated from the crew, to more significant moments, such as walking somberly through the rain.

All of this paints the picture of an isolated young man, which is precisely how Sanji feels, forced to return to his family. However, as the mood of the arc brightens and Sanji finds his hope again, the images change, and we see him running past the rain toward the sun, peaking through the clouds.

4 Bon Voyage

How Far We’ve Come

The Starw Hat Pirates Walking Together

This opening has a clear theme: reflection. Everything from the visuals to the song’s lyrics evokes a clear message of “look at where we are now.” The opening sees all the Strawhats walking forward as the singer reflects on how they were chasing their dreams alone before meeting, but now look forward together. We then visit each of the Strawhats’ past traumas to drive home the reflection theme.

Luffy costs Shanks his arm, Zoro loses to Kuina, Chopper waves his flag to Doctor Hiriluk, and these defining moments for each character have shaped them into who they are.

3 We Are

Where It All Began

Luffy Spinning His Hat On His FInger

The first opening of One Piece, We Are, is an iconic adventure anthem. It begins with Gold Roger’s infamous monologue before showcasing how large the world is as we see a legion of pirate ships sailing on. The scenes in this OP do a fantastic job of establishing the Strawhats’ fighting styles and personalities with some top-notch animation.

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This is complemented by a stellar song that captures the spirit of One Piece. “There’s always room for you if you want to be my friend.” These words define Luffy as a captain and the beauty of these characters.

2 Fight Together

Picking Up The Pieces

As the final opening before the timeskip, Fight Together ends this story section with a gorgeous ballad about friendship and connections. Luffy is at his lowest point currently in the story and is without his friends to help him. Instead of sitting around, however, we see his crewmates working hard, training to be strong enough for their captain.

Their not being around for Luffy is made all the more painful when the OP showcases every time Luffy was there for each of them. Still, the opening ends on a sweet note as Ace pushes Luffy forward to pick up his signature straw hat and presses on after being stuck for a while. The thought of reuniting with his friends strengthens him.

1 One Day

In His Shadow

Luffy And Ace Smiling Together

This opening immediately puts its cards on the table with its themes. From Luffy’s forlorn appearance to only getting a sparse look at his brother Ace, One Day is about how Luffy feels left behind by his brother, wanting to be stronger to catch up to him. The lyrics reflect on this as he notes how much of a crybaby he was, always looking at Ace’s back.

This somber tone is matched by all the Strawhats who go about their daily duties, hardly smiling. The music swells as Luffy pushes forward, continuing through an ice land to find his brother. As he does, we see moments from their past, showcasing their bond until Luffy finally reaches Ace. The two brothers reunite, even in this frozen wasteland, connected.

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