Where To Find The Black Symbiote Suit In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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  • When Does Peter Get The Black And Symbiote Suits?
  • Wait… When Does Peter Get The Symbiote Suit… Back?

It was in the pre-launch screenshots. It was all over the trailers. It was one of the first things YouTubers proudly showed off when their copies arrived. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Symbiote Suit is all the rage. The suit not only looks rad, but it provides some nifty perks that’d put even Doc Oc’s inventions to shame.



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You’ll unlock the Black Suit first, and in our estimation, you will find this knowledge just as important. The Symbiote Suit comes a bit later on.

When Does Peter Get The Black And Symbiote Suits?

Close-up of Peter Parker's villain form as a Symbiote-covered Spider-Man before his fight with Miles.

The Symbiote Suit, which is (understandably) exclusive to Peter Parker, is unlocked as the Black Suit during the course of the main game, roughly midway. For much of the game, while you’ll have access to a substantial and growing number of costumes for Peter (and Miles), this marketing-savvy and downright spectacular garb will remain out of reach. As for the more, um, violent-looking revision that’s literally entitled Symbiote Suit, that comes further on.

The exact mission where Peter gets the Black Suit is titled ‘Good Men’, and if you were to take a look at the 31 main quests of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you would see that it’s almost dead-center at fifteenth. The Symbiote Suit unlocks during ‘It Chose You’, which is five main quests later, about two-thirds into the story.

Been wondering why Peter’s skill tree is partly blocked-off for so long? The Black Suit will change that. These abilities, fittingly tied to the Black Suit’s own inherent canonical capabilities, aren’t necessarily better overall; both sides are rad. But they certainly open some fun new opportunities.

Wait… When Does Peter Get The Symbiote Suit… Back?

Spider-Man 2 screenshot showing Peter Parker in the symbiote suit talking to Miles Morales

We can’t speak with absolute authority on why you clicked this guide, but we do know the two most likely reasons: either you were wondering when Peter gets the Symbiote Suit, or if you’ll get those rad powers back after you lose them. The short answer is yes. Hooray! Case closed.

The more important answer is that you will regain all those amazing powers during ‘Set Things Right’. This is unambiguously toward the end of the game, and the narrative framework for it is cool enough that we aren’t going to spoil a thing. We’ll say this, though: at this point, you will unlock a third suit in this line with a spiffy new name (that, in and of itself, is rather spoilerish).

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