The Best Movie References In Scott Pilgrim Takes Off


  • The new animated series “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” is a fun adaptation that pays homage to the original comic book while also referencing the live-action movie.
  • The Katayanagi Twins are portrayed differently in the series compared to the comic and movie, but they still maintain their musical background and use the same instrument, making it a clear reference.
  • The series includes references to Sonic the Hedgehog, utilizes the song “Black Sheep” by The Clash At Demonhead, and features a fight scene with Ramona using her hammer, all of which are nods to the movie adaptation.



Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is the latest adaptation of the Scott Pilgrim comic book, but more than adapting, it does its own thing. It’s a series that is very enjoyable on its own, but it gets even better when you’re familiar with the source material.

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If you don’t have the time to go through the six comic volumes, don’t worry, there’s a live-action adaptation of the events called Scott Pilgrim vs The World, which gives you everything you need to know. The new series is aware of this, making several references to it throughout its runtime.

Spoiler Warning!

8 The Twins’ Musical Background

They Do More Than Building Robots

Scott Pilgrim Collage showing the twins in the live actions movie and in the netflix show

The Katayanagi Twins don’t have much of a focus in the animated series, and that in itself could be a reference to the movie. While the original comic book had them be evil geniuses of robotics, the movie makes them gifted musicians who don’t talk.

The Twins are one of the few characters not voiced by their live-action actors in the newest adaptation, mostly because those actors don’t speak English.

The Netflix show has them being both musicians and scientists, albeit less evil; they have their pet robot that follows them around, but in the glimpse we see of the future they form a new band with Scott. The fact that not only are they musicians, but that they use the same instrument as the movie, makes it a clear reference.

7 What Scott Says To Ramona

From Pac-Man To Sonic

Scott Pilgrim Collage showing scott and ramona in the live actions movie and in the netflix show

When Scott first meets Ramona at that fateful party, he starts by being a little annoying while talking about random facts about Pac-Man. This is true in both the comic and the movie, but the animated series changed it to have Scott talk about Sonic the Hedgehog.

The reason why this is a reference instead of a change is because of what Scott says about Sonic. His trivia note is that in two different adaptations of the same story, the same actor voiced the character, being a clear reference to the whole cast of the live-action movie returned for this new adaptation.

6 The Clash At Demonhead Main Song

It’s Called Black Sheep

Scott Pilgrim Collage showing the band clash at demonhead in the live actions movie and in the netflix show

The band run by Envy Adams, The Clash At Demonhead, makes an appearance in all three adaptations, not only due to their fame but also because of their lead singer, Envy Adams, being Scott’s ex. When they were adapted into live-action, the band needed real songs to play, and so Black Sheep was born, a song made by the band Metric.

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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off has plenty of musical numbers, but they rarely use songs from the movie, particularly when we see Sex Bob-omb playing. But we do get a slight glimpse at a concert where The Clash At Demonhead performs Black Sheep, a clear reference not only to the movie but to how that song was used in its promotional material.

5 The Ramona vs Roxie Fight

They Never Fight In The Comic

Scott Pilgrim Collage showing ramona with her hammer in the live action movie and in the netflix show

While the movie had to make a lot of changes to fit its runtime (like with the silent Katayanagi Twins), it also remixed a lot of iconic scenes and lines. One of them is the fight between Ramona and Envy, where Ramona uses a massive hammer drawn from her infinite handbag.

That fight was cut, but Ramona still fights with her hammer, her opponent this time being Roxie. The animated series has events that never happened in either adaptation, but Ramona still has a fight against Roxie, and she even uses her hammer, thus making it a clear reference.

4 The Knives And Scott Relationship

Controversial Enough To Become A Meme

Scott Pilgrim Collage showing Scott and Knives in the live action movie and in the netflix show

One of the major conflicts in the story is that of Scott dating a high schooler, Knives Chau, and how that affects the ending. Originally, the comic had Scott end up alone, while the movie had Scott end with Knives, but both were changed to have Scott end up with Ramona.

The Scott with Knives ending was a bit controversial, and even while it isn’t canon anymore, Scott dating someone her age still had him look worse than intended. The new animated series has a small nod to this whole thing, having Scott say to Knives how their relationship seems to be ‘frowned upon by society.’

3 The Technological Theme

The Comic Was More Magical

Scott Pilgrim Collage showing guideon and ramona

When the movie had to adapt the six books of the comic into little more than an hour, a lot of changes had to be made, and there was less time for explanations. This made the Subspace Highway to be barely mentioned, and Gideon no longer controls Ramona with the Glow, instead using a brainwashing microchip.

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While neither the Glow nor the microchip are present in the animated show, the plot devices are all more technological than magical. They still follow video game and cartoon logic, but they time travel with robots and Back to the Future references rather than with spells.

It Never Happens In The Comic

Scott Pilgrim Collage showing Lucas Lee extras and Wallace extras

While the movie had to cut many things from the comic books, it sometimes added new ideas. Among them, there’s the change to Lucas Lee’s fight: both versions end the same way, but in the movie, Scott fights Lucas’ action doubles, while the comic has nothing of the sort.

The animated series has a clear nod to this fight, but it has nothing to do with Lucas; it revolves around Wallace and Envy. Envy is mad at Wallace for stealing her boyfriend, and tries to fight him, but Wallace sends his action doubles to deal with her instead.

1 The Director Of The Movie

As Subtle As It Is Obvious

Scott Pilgrim takes off image showing the fictional director edgar wrong

During the plot of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, the gang ends up making a movie depicting the events of the original comic books. While there are many gags about who’s cast for which role, the biggest nod to the live-action movie is the chosen director, Edgar Wrong.

Edgar Wrong is a clear reference to Edgar Wright, the director of the live-action adaptation and one of the producers of the new show. This isn’t the only nod to Edgar Wright, since the ones that voice the security guards in the movie studio are Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, known for doing many projects alongside the director.

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