NPC Polar Bear Kills Pro Player In PUBG World Championships

You’re in a pro tournament, the World Championships, ready to test your mettle against some of the best players in PUBG. Only, you die to an NPC polar bear. Bit unfair, aye? That’s what happened to PLM Flukky today as they snuck up the hills of a snowy Vikendi, their match cut short by the digital wildlife.



Usually, PUBG pro games are limited to Erangel and Miramar, neither of which have pesky polar bears ready to jump you. But for this tournament, the newer Vikendi was thrown into the mix. It brings with it a handy thermal scope, but also cave-dwelling bears. They’re infamously difficult to take down (usually, you’re best ramming them with a vehicle), so they’re a little at odds with the skillful PvP of pro games.

It’s a disgrace, to be honest. Goes against everything pro athletes should expect from a competition at the highest level.

Luckily, Flukky wasn’t a finalist, or this death would’ve no doubt stung even harder. When they got mauled unexpectedly (which is a good name for a metal band, jot that down), there were 41 players and 13 teams. Reddit user ISTof1897 wasn’t so lucky.

“During the final circle it was me versus a team of two,” ISTof1897 said. “It closed on a bear cave. The only place I could go as I got shot was the bear cave. I went there and the bear immediately left the outside where it was roaming and charged. I emptied an entire extended clip out of an M416 on it [at] close range and it clawed me to death. And that’s how they got a Chicken Dinner.”

Polar bears haven’t been all that popular since they were added, with many PUBG players calling for their removal. Granted, NPC enemies aren’t unique to PUBG in the world of battle royales. Fortnite has its fair share and even throws in boss fights for events. But with how difficult polar bears are to dispatch, they’ve overstayed their welcome.

“I am not really a big fan of polar bears, or even those blizzard storms on Vikendi,” gg_schutz commented on a Reddit post asking if anyone actually liked their addition to PUBG. “I think it’s fun, like a small addition for a week or two, but in the long run it kinda ruins the experience.”

For now, they’re part of the competitive experience, so there’s every chance your favourite pro player could get caught off guard and prematurely ripped out of a match by a fuzzy friend. Maybe this will serve as a decent warning to keep an eye out.


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