MediEvil’s Co-Creator Is Selling His Game Of The Year BAFTA

MediEvil was a cult classic for PlayStation, loved by many and a great example of how weird and wonderful the PlayStation 1 era was. Unfortunately, the series co-creator James “Jay Gunn” Wilson has been finding work a little hard to come by recently, and following the sale of his original game design Bible back in May, he’s now selling his Game of the Year BAFTA that he won back in 2000 for MediEvil 2 to help “keep the wolves at bay”.



In a post on Wilson’s Twitter account made on Thursday, he explains that he’s selling his personal BAFTA after a trip to hospital brought about by the creator’s high levels of stress, anxiety, and financial worries. Despite being the co-creator of a critically acclaimed and well-loved series like MediEvil, it seems as though Wilson is struggling to find work, and will use the funds raised from his BAFTA sale to help keep a roof over his head.

Wilson explains that he’s selling the BAFTA for a total of £6,000, though he is accepting higher offers should anyone wish to pay more or if a bidding war starts. On top of that, Wilson is also selling a promotional “Sir Dan Hand” figure as well as a recently released Sir Daniel Fortesque Funko Pop that he’s willing to sign for fans of the series. If you’re interested, you can more than likely contact Wilson through his Twitter account.

It’s been almost a year now of job applications with bespoke targeted cover letters and constantly altering my CV. Out of 20 applications a month, I may get 2-3 replies usually with a rejection, most go unanswered.

It’s not a great position for Wilson to be in, who appears to have been looking for work for the most part of 2023. It’s sad that he’s been forced into a position where he needs to sell prized possessions such as a BAFTA and his game design Bible earlier this year to keep the lights on, especially when he seems like such a creative force that has a lot more to give to the industry. Fingers crossed Wilson finds some work soon and his fortunes take a turn for the better.

In other PlayStation-related news, the PlayStation Portal hit store shelves recently, and is a bit of a divisive piece of tech. Some think the thing is pointless due to its always online requirements, but not as pointless as the console’s Airplane Mode option, which is one of the more baffling design decisions we’ve seen in a modern console for quite some time.


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