How To Get A Golden Age In Civilization 6

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Era Score, added to Civilization 6 in the Rise And Fall expansion, encourages players to play proactively and plan each part of the game. By paying attention to your opportunities to gain Era Score, you can enter a Golden Age for exceptional bonuses. Of course, if you don’t get enough Era Score, you’ll be stuck in a Dark Age instead… but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing!



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If Era Score isn’t quite adding up for you, or if you just want a handy reference while you play, this guide has everything you need to know.

What Is Era Score?

Tyre, the Phonician capital, early in a campaign of Civilization 6

Era Score is tracked for your civilization through each Era of the game. You can see your current Era Score, and the amount that you need to reach by the next Era, in the bottom-right corner of the screen, near the End Turn button.

Each Era lasts about one-eighth of the game’s turn total, give or take a few. That’s fifty turns per Era on Standard speed. You’ll always be alerted when there are ten or fewer turns until an Era change.

In general, you should try to get at least the minimum required Era Score for each period. Doing so lets you avoid a Dark Age and its associated penalties. If you clear the threshold, a new goal will appear – if you can reach the second goal in a single Era, you’ll get a Golden Age in the following one!

How To Earn Era Score

the Historic Moments timeline in Civilization 6

Era Score is earned whenever your civilization has a Historic Moment – that is, whenever they do something exceptionally well, or for the first time. The list of possible Historic Moments is enormous, but common ones include:

  • Building a World Wonder or finding a Natural Wonder.
  • Destroying a Barbarian Outpost near your borders.
  • Building your first ship or airplane.
  • Reaching the first Technology or Civic in a new Era.
  • Becoming the first-ever Suzerain of a specific City-State.
  • Founding a Religion.
  • Winning a battle for the first time with a Great General’s combat bonus.
  • Taking an enemy city through Loyalty Pressure.
  • Circumnavigating the globe.
  • Building a District with an adjacency bonus of +3 or better.
  • Building one of your civilization’s unique structures or units.

Major milestones, like founding a Religion or circumnavigating the globe, grant a larger amount of Era Score if you’re the first player to manage it. If you aren’t the going to be the first to a Historic Moment, it can sometimes be better to wait until the next Era so that you can count the Era Score toward the next age.

Dedications And Golden Ages

the Dedication Screen for a Heroic Age in the Medieval Era in Civilization 6

At the beginning of a new Era, you’ll be able to make a Dedication. This essentially sets your agenda for the Era, and incentivizes you to focus on a particular aspect of your empire.

In a Dark Age or Normal Age, your Dedication determines how you can earn extra Era Score. In a Golden Age, your Dedication instead grants you a bonus!


Eras Available

Dark/Normal Age

Golden/Heroic Age

Free Inquiry

  • Gain Era Score whenever you trigger a Eureka (Tech Boost).
  • Gain Era Score whenever you finish a building that produces Science.
  • Eurekas give ten percent more Technology progress.
  • Commercial Hubs and Harbors produce Science as well as Gold from their adjacency bonus.

Pen, Brush, and Voice

  • Gain Era Score whenever you trigger an Inspiration (Civic Boost)
  • Gain Era Score whenever you finish a building that has a Great Work slot.
  • Inspirations give ten percent more Civic progress.
  • Each Specialty District in a city produces one additional Culture, even if it doesn’t produce Culture normally.


  • Classical
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Gain Era Score whenever you finish constructing a Specialty District.
  • Builders get +2 Movement.
  • Civilian Units can be purchased using Faith.
  • Settlers and Builders are cheaper to purchase, regardless of whether you use Gold or Faith.

Exodus of the Evangelists

  • Classical
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Gain Era Score whenever a city converts to your Religion for the first time.
  • Missionaries, Apostles, and Inquisitors get +2 Movement and two additional charges.
    • Existing units don’t get new charges – the bonus is only for freshly-trained ones!
  • You get four additional Great Prophet points per turn.

Hic Sunt Dracones

  • Renaissance
  • Industrial
  • Modern
  • Gain Era Score whenever you discover a continent or Natural Wonder.
    • You don’t have to be first in the world to make the discovery.
  • Gain Era Score whenever you kill a non-Barbarian naval unit.
  • Your cities on a different continent from your capital get +2 Loyalty per turn and immediately gain three Population.
  • Units moving by sea – either ships or embarked land units – get +2 Movement.

Reform The Coinage

  • Renaissance
  • Industrial
  • Modern
  • Gain Era Score whenever one of your Trade Routes finishes without being plundered.
  • Your Traders cannot be plundered by any means.
  • Your Trade Routes to foreign cities generate three additional Gold per turn for every District at the destination.

Heartbeat Of Steam

  • Gain Era Score whenever you complete a building from the Industrial Era or later.
  • You get ten percent more Production toward Wonders from the Industrial Era or later.
  • Your Campuses yield Production from their adjacency bonus as well as Science.

To Arms!

  • Industrial
  • Modern
  • Atomic
  • Information
  • Gain Era Score whenever you destroy a non-Barbarian enemy Corps or Army.
  • You get fifteen percent more Production toward military units.
  • You can use the Golden Age War Casus Belli, which generates the fewest Grievances of any in the game.

Automaton Warfare

  • Information
  • Only available in the Gathering Storm expansion.
  • Gain Era Score whenever you kill a non-Barbarian unit with a Giant Death Robot.
  • You immediately get a Giant Death Robot at your capital and free Uranium to pay for its upkeep.
  • Your Uranium Mines each produce one more Uranium per turn.

Bodyguard Of Lies

  • Gain Era Score whenever one of your Spies successfully carries out an Operation against another player.
  • Your Spies instantly establish themselves in enemy cities.
  • Your Spies carry out Operations against other players twenty-five percent faster.

Sky And Stars

  • Gain Era Score whenever you complete a building in an Aerodrome.
  • Gain Era Score each time you recruit a Great Person.
  • Grants several Eurekas for the current Era.
  • All your Air Units gain double XP.
  • Your Aluminum Mines each produce two more Aluminum per turn.

Wish You Were Here

  • Gain Era Score whenever one of your Archaeologists finds an Artifact.
  • Tourism gained from World Wonders is increased by fifty percent in your cities that have a Governor.
  • Your National Parks produce twice as much Tourism.

If you’re in a Dark Age, and you gain enough Era Score to get a Golden Age, you’ll instead receive a Heroic Age. A Heroic Age is identical to a Golden Age, except that you can choose three Dedication Bonuses instead of just one!

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Dark Ages

Byzantium in a Dark Age in Civilization 6

If you don’t get enough Era Score, your next Era will be a Dark Age. Your cities will take a Loyalty penalty, increasing the risk that they’ll rebel and become Free Cities – or worse, join a nearby opponent’s empire!

Cities near a border with another civilization and those far from any other cities of yours are at the most risk of rebellion.

There is a possible advantage to getting a Dark Age, though – while you’re in a Dark Age, you get access to Dark Policies, special Wildcard Policies that have a powerful bonus and a drawback. If you can mitigate the drawback and keep your Loyalty iintact, you can turn a Dark Age into a benefit!

Dark Policies

Dark Policy

Eras Available



  • Classical
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Apostles can start an Inquisition with only one charge, rather than all of them.
  • Your Religious units get +15 Theological Combat Strength while within your borders.
  • All of your cities reduce their Science output by one quarter.


  • Classical
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Industrial
  • Domestic Trade Routes produce two additional Food and Production.
  • You can’t train Settlers, and your existing Settlers can’t found cities.


  • All of your cities with a Holy Site produce 75 percent more Science.
  • All of your cities reduce their Culture output by one quarter.

Twilight Valor

  • Classical
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • All of your units get +5 Combat Strength while in melee.
  • Your units cannot heal if they’re outside your borders.

Letters Of Marque

  • Renaissance
  • Industrial
  • Modern
  • Your Raider-class Naval units (Privateers and Submarines) are produced twice as fast, get +2 Movement, and earn double Gold when plundering Trade Routes.
  • Your Trade Routes yield only half the normal amount of all resources.

Elite Forces

  • Industrial
  • Modern
  • Atomic
  • Information
  • Future
  • All of your units earn double XP.
  • All of your units increase their upkeep by two Gold per turn.

Robber Barons

  • Industrial
  • Modern
  • Atomic
  • Information
  • All of your cities with a Stock Exchage produce fifty percent more Gold.
  • All of your cities with a Factory get twenty-five percent more Production.
  • All of your cities get two fewer Amenities.


  • Modern
  • Atomic
  • Information
  • All of your Farms produce one additional Food.
  • All of your cities get two additional Housing.
  • Your adjacency bonuses for Industrial Zones are doubled.
  • You earn Great People at half speed.

Flower Power

  • Atomic
  • Information
  • Future
  • Only available with the Gathering Storm expansion.
  • Your Rock Bands produce twice as much Tourism when performing in a civilization with whom you are not at war.
  • All of your units except Rock Bands cost twice as much to train with Production, Gold, or Faith.

Rogue State

  • Atomic
  • Information
  • Future
  • You get fifty percent more Production toward the Manhattan Project, Operation Ivy, and nuclear weapons.
  • You no longer gain Influence, though you can still gain Envoys by completing quests, Wonders, and other means.

Automated Workforce

  • Only available with the Gathering Storm expansion.
  • You get twenty percent more Production toward City Projects, such as Campus Research Grants or Industrial Zone Logistics.
  • All of your cities get one fewer Amenity.
  • All of your cities lose five Loyalty per turn.

Disinformation Campaign

  • Only available with the Gathering Storm expansion.
  • Your Broadcast Centers produce three Diplomatic Favor per turn.
  • All of your cities produce ten percent less Science and Culture.

Cyber Warfare

  • Only available with the Gathering Storm expansion.
  • All of your units get +10 Combat Strength against Information Era and Future Era units – including the Giant Death Robot!
  • Grievances against you do not go away over time.

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