Super Mario RPG’s Culex 3D Boss Fight Has Been Beaten In Just Six Turns

Super Mario RPG is a pretty standard turn-based JRPG at its heart, and it comes with all the typical trappings of the genre. That includes a mega-hard optional superboss for the truly brave players to try and take down, which takes the form of a Final Fantasy love letter called Culex 3D. He’s an absolute beast of a boss that’s completely out of place in a game as wholesome as Super Mario RPG, and now an entirely new generation of players get to try and take him down thanks to the remake.



Culex may have wished he’d stayed in the past though, as a YouTuber called Sny_Guy has absolutely embarrassed the guy by beating him in just six turns, and is claiming to be the first person in the world to beat him this quickly. Sny_Guy uploaded the video of their triumph to their YouTube channel earlier today, showcasing the process that involves clever item usage and a lot of jumping from Mario.


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After Culex uses his initial attack to leave everyone with one health point, Sny_Guy begins as he means to go on by using a Super Jump with Mario to take out the Green Crystal in one move. He then uses a Croaka Cola with Mallow to completely heal the party and switches to Bowser to use a Party Energizer, raising the party’s attack power. He then uses area of effect attacks such as Mario Super Fireball, Mallow’s Snowy, and Bowser’s Triple Move to dish out the damage to Culex and the rest of his crystals.

The rest of the fight involves Mario jumping on Culex’s head while the other two party members use healing items, buffs, and the occasional attack to take down the rest of the crystals. What makes this feat impressive is that Sny_Guy maintains pretty much constant perfect timing with their attacks to maximize the damage, the number of Mario’s jumps, and defense. After a final barrage of head stomps, Culex goes down and flees to probably cry in his shower at how he was just utterly battered by a stocky man in overalls.

The comments underneath Sny_Guy’s video are a mixture of congratulations and complete disbelief. There’s also a little debate discussing whether it’s possible to get the amount of turns needed to beat Culex down to five or four, but it seems like the RNG luck you’d need to make that happen is far too great to pull it off. Right now, six turns is the best there is at the moment, and it feels like a record that won’t be beaten any time soon.

But hey, if you feel like you’ve got the JRPG chops to take down Culex in a more efficient way, you can always take a crack at it. He’s a little difficult to find if you’re not in the know, but we have you covered if you feel like taking on Super Mario RPG’s toughest challenge.


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