Best Items To Purchase In Lethal Company


  • Invest in a pro-flashlight or regular flashlight to navigate through the dark and dangerous moons, allowing you to see creatures from further away and search for loot effectively.
  • Use a walkie-talkie to stay in touch with your team and guide them to safety or warn them of incoming dangers, especially in the randomly generated maps with long corridors and twisting stairwells.
  • Consider carrying a shovel to fight off or stun creatures when running is not an option, and strategically use a radar booster to distract enemies and create distractions for a chance to escape to safety.



Lethal Company is a scary indie horror game that puts you and your friends on various moons to collect and sell junk. Every three days you must sell enough scrap to meet the quota or meet an untimely demise.

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With the appearance of a simple scrap collecting game, Lethal Company has lots of hidden horrors ready to take you by surprise. From spiders to stalkers, there isn’t much you can do but run when you face these creatures. You can purchase items with your hard-earned cash, but it’s important to make sure you’re spending it wisely if you want to stay alive.

8 Pro-Flashlight

Darkness Isn’t Your Friend

Lethal Company Player holding a flashlight

No matter what moon you head to, no matter the weather conditions, you’ll never be able to see where you’re going when you get inside. There are lights inside, but they won’t do much to guide you to safety.

A pro-flashlight is both relatively cheap and incredibly useful. You’ll be able to light the way and search for loot more effectively while being able to see creatures from further away. If you don’t have enough money for a pro-flashlight, then a regular one will work just as well, though it won’t last as long and won’t be as bright.

You can recharge any electrical items using the charger on the wall inside the ship.

7 Walkie-Talkie

Keep The Banter Alive!

Lethal Company Player using a walkie talkie

Using your own microphone in-game is one of the most immersive features in any game, and it’s no different in Lethal Company. Since the maps are randomly generated and are mostly made up of long corridors and twisting stairwells, it’s easy to lose your friends and end up alone.

A walkie-talkie is a great piece of equipment that lets you keep in touch with your team, no matter where you are. If someone has stayed back on the ship, a walkie-talkie is also a good way to guide those inside to safety or warn them of enclosing dangers.

6 Shovel

Smack Your Way Out Of Trouble

Lethal Company Player holding a shovel

Many horror games rely on your ability to hide or run away from creatures rather than fighting to survive. Lethal Company gives you a great mix of both to keep you feeling both brave and terrified. You can only take so many hits before you die, so it’s important to avoid being hit as much as possible.

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While running is the safest option, a shovel can come in pretty handy if you or your team are in a tight spot. The shovel can potentially kill a creature but can also stun or stagger it, so you can get away. The best use of the shovel is for teammates who are caught by the Snare Flea, which wraps around your head and blocks your vision.

5 Radar Booster

Distract And Evade

Lethal Company Radar Booster placed next to the entrance of the building

Being able to traverse around dangerous enemies is an important part of Lethal Company. The radar booster is a useful tool that lets you watch certain areas and create distracting noises from the comfort of your ship.

You can place the radar booster wherever you want. For the best use, place it in busy areas, like near entrances or corridors close by, where people will pass often. From there, you can use the terminal to create noise or simply watch from the monitor. Another great use for the radar booster is to distract creatures that might lurk near your ship, meaning you can give yourself and your team a chance on that last sprint to safety.

4 Zap Gun

When Creatures Get Zappy, Get Ready To Zap

Lethal Company Player holding a zap gun

When the creatures of the Lethal Company buildings become a little too much, the zap gun can be your route to safety without fully fighting. If you feel brave enough, you can bring along a friend with a shovel and team up against creatures.

Activating the zap gun will start a minigame to maintain the stun effect. You’ll have to move the camera from side to side to keep the beam of electricity straight. The effect can last for up to 60 seconds as long as you succeed in the minigame.

3 TZP-Inhalant

Boosting Agility, Blurring Reality

Lethal Company Player holding TZP-Inhalant

The TZP-Inhalant is a double-edged sword in Lethal Company. It’s a useful item that increases your speed and allows you to carry more weight. It’s a good booster item that can help against enemies you can’t fight, like the Forest Giant or Eyeless Dogs.

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Be careful when using the inhalant, as it also causes issues with your audio and visuals. Those problems can leave you vulnerable to attacking creatures. It can be best used when heading back to the ship late at night, as it makes the journey quicker and lets to escape faster.

2 Teleporter

Escape Plan 101

Lethal Company Player stood in the teleporter

The teleporter is a great item that can help you and your team get out of sticky situations quickly, provided someone is back at the ship. By pressing a button next to the monitor, you can teleport a chosen player back to the ship immediately.

One of the best uses of the teleporter is that you can bring back a teammate’s body if you don’t have time or the bravery to head back inside yourself. Doing so can save you some money if a few of you don’t make it back.

1 Boombox

Make Enemies Groove While You Make Your Move

Lethal Company Boombox placed outside

The Boombox is a musical item that lures creatures away with sweet melodies. You can place the box wherever you’d like. The best places are far away from your ship outside so that the music distracts Forest Giants or Eyeless Dogs that are wandering around.

This item is great if you want to stay out for as long as possible. Since enemies will increase in number and become more aggressive the later it gets, the Boombox is a great piece of kit to keep with you.

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